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Readers: Okay, so I’m getting lazy. Instead of writing a “real” column, I’m just going to answer some of the email I’ve received recently. On with the Q&A’s.

Thea Layder
Longview, Texas
Dear Husker Dan:
I’ve been reading your articles for a long time and wondered what you think of my takes about the current status of the Husker football program.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the win over Purdue. But why are Husker fans so nutso over beating a 2-4 team? I mean, really? Nebraska beat a team that had lost 3 games in a row (4 if you count the Husker loss). Purdue had a punt blocked and had more (gasp) penalty yardage (117) than Nebraska (107). Until Nebraska actually beats somebody that’s half way good, I’ll continue to doubt Frost and his staff. What say you?

Thea: First of all, thanks for taking time to write. There is an aphorism that goes like this: “That’s one way to look at it,” said the fly as he walked on the mirror.

You make some good points. No one is going to confuse Purdue with Ohio State, Northwestern or Indiana. As you said, Purdue is a 2-4 team. (BTW, Purdue is one of 10 Big Ten teams that have won only 2 games.)

But let’s look at some facts.
1.) Purdue began the season by beating Iowa and Illinois, (both were Husker losses).
2.) After those two wins, the Boilermakers lost to Northwestern by 7, by 3 to Minnesota and by 7 to Rutgers.
3.) By beating Purdue, Nebraska got a win, but got something even better: a road win.
4.) The win also keeps Nebraska in contention for a bowl game-that is if they can win the next two games.
5.) And if the Huskers win those games and win their bowl game, they could possibly have a winning season this year. I know, that might be a stretch. But if the Huskers can end up at 5-4, that would be something to celebrate.

* * *

Sherwood B. Nyce
Grand Rapids, MI
Husker Dan:
Do you know where the Big Ten games are going to be held on December 19th? I mean, it seems to me that the weather isn’t going to be too good in the Midwest in late December. Hopefully, they’ll be played in domes like Minneapolis, or Detroit.

Sherwood: Your question is a good one. My sources say that the games will be played at the host team’s field. The only exception will be the BT championship game which will be played in a dome stadium in Indianapolis. If you hear differently, let me know.

* * *

Maureen Korr
Loveland, CO
Husker Dan:
Why isn’t a blocked punt called a turnover? I mean, the stats say that Nebraska didn’t have a turnover in the game Saturday. How can that be?

Maureen: That’s a great question. My understanding is that by punting, a team is surrendering its possession. Consequently, a blocked punt and a punt return for a touchdown are not considered to be turnovers. But you’ve asked a great question. Thanks!

* * *

Adam Zapple
Redondo Beach, CA
Husker Dan:
Somebody please tell Scott Frost to shave and not look like a bum! He simply doesn’t look like the leader of a Power Five football program. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Adam: You’re not the only one who has written about that. The only thing I’d say is that if the Huskers were winning a lot of games, most Husker fans wouldn’t care if he wore a dress. Thanks for writing.


And that does it. Next up the Huskers host the rodents from Minnesota. Can the Huskers get back-to-back wins this season? Stay tuned!


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