Twenty-nine Husker players and coaches have been elected to the College Football and/or Pro Football Hall of Fame. In addition, the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame includes more than 325 Husker players and coaches. Click on column headers to sort.
 YearsInducted NU  CFB PFB
AlbertsTrev AlbertsOLB1990-199320151111 
BehmForrest BehmT1938-194019881111 
BrownBob BrownG1961-19631993 2004
ChamberlinGuy ChamberlinHB/E  1914-19151962 1965
CrouchEric CrouchQB1998-2001  20201111 
FrancisSam FrancisFB1934-193619771111 
FrazierTommie FrazierQB1992-199520131111 
GloverRich GloverMG1970-197219951111 
LymanW. Roy “Link” LymanT1918-19211111  1964
MeylanWayne MeylanMG1965-196719911111 
ReynoldsBobby ReynoldsHB1950-195219841111 
RimingtonDave RimingtonC1979-198219971111 
RodgersJohnny RodgersWB1970-197220001111 
RozierMike RozierRB1981-198320061111 
SauerGeorge SauerFB1931-193319541111 
ShieldsWill ShieldsG1989-19922011 2015
SwansonClarence Swanson E1918-192119731111 
TaylorAaron TaylorG/C1994-199720181111 
TingelhoffMick TingelhoffC1959-19611111  2015
WeirEd WeirT1923-192519511111 
WiegertZach WiegertOT1991-199420221111 
WistromGrant WistromDE1994-199720091111 

Coachesspan*    at NU*  CFB PFB
BibleDana X. Bible1913-19461929-193619511111 
DevaneyBob Devaney1957-19721962-197219811111 
JonesLawrence “Biff” Jones1926-19411937-194119541111 
OsborneTom Osborne1973-19971973-199719991111 
RobinsonE.N. Robinson1896-19251896-189719551111 
SolichFrank Solich 1998-2020 1998-2003  20241111 
YostFielding Yost1897-1926189819511111 
*Prior years as assistant coach, if any, not included
• Chamberlin played at Nebraska Wesleyan in 1911 and 1912.
• Lyman did not play in 1920.
• Bible also coached at Mississippi College, LSU, Texas A&M and Texas.
• Devaney also coached at Wyoming.
• Jones also coached at Army, LSU and Oklahoma.
• Robinson also coached at Brown and Maine.
• Yost also coached at Ohio Wesleyan, Kansas, Stanford and Michigan.
• Solich also coached at Ohio.
• Francis Schmidt, an NU player in 1905 and ’06, is in the CFB Hall, but as a coach at several schools.
• Pete Elliott, NU’s head coach in 1956, is in the CFB Hall, but as a Michigan player.
• Barry Alvarez, an NU player from 1965 to ’67, is in the CFB Hall, but as a Wisconsin coach.