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Top all-time Big Ten players
ESPN.com this week marked the Big Ten’s 120th anniversary year by ranking the conference’s top five all-time players at each position. Any player from a team currently in the conference was eligible.
Nebraska finished with nine top-five players, second only to Ohio State’s ten. The rest: Michigan 7, Purdue 4, Penn State 4, Illinois 3, Iowa 3, Michigan State 3, Wisconsin 3, Rutgers 2, Minnesota 1, Northwestern 1, Indiana 0, Maryland 0.
Michigan had the most No. 1-ranked players with three, followed by Ohio State and Illinois with two apiece and Nebraska, Minnesota and Michigan State with one each.
Only Nebraska and Ohio State had at least one player listed at honorable mention or better at every position.
The Nebraska honorees (HM = Honorable mention):
1) Tommie Frazier, 1992-95
HM) Eric Crouch, 1998-2001
Running back
5) Mike Rozier, 1981-83
Wide receiver
2) Johnny Rodgers, 1970-72
HM) Irving Fryar, 1980-83
Offensive line
2) Dave Rimington, 1979-82
4) Dean Steinkuhler, 1980-83
5) Aaron Taylor, 1994-97
HM) Will Shields, 1989-1992
Tight end
HM) Junior Miller, 1977-79
Defensive tackle
2) Ndamukong Suh, 2005-09
3) Rich Glover, 1970-72
HM) Wayne Meylan, 1965-67
Defensive end
4) Grant Wistrom, 1994-97
HM) Broderick Thomas, 1985-88
HM) Tom Novak, 1946-49
HM) Ralph Brown, 1996-99
HM) Prince Amukamara, 2007-10
HM) Mike Brown, 1996-99
HM) Lloyd Cardwell, 1934-36
HM) Mike Minter, 1993-96