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Statements on Bo Pelini's health status, 09/15/2012
Nebraska Head Football Coach Bo Pelini issued the following statement Saturday afternoon:
“Everything is fine. They ran some precautionary tests and everything checked out just fine. I plan to be back at work tomorrow. I’m proud of our team and coaching staff for the way they responded this afternoon.”

Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne:
Opening Statement
“As far as I know, all news on Bo is good. Precautionary tests. Word we've gotten back from the hospital is that he's doing fine. I guess you can never say anything absolutely conclusively, but it looks as though he's in good shape. I think that's what he'd want you guys to know. We expect him to be probably back at it pretty soon.
“The guys you really need to talk to are the coordinators, so I'll turn it over to those guys at this point. That's about all I can tell you right now. It was strictly precautionary and, so far, everything has been just fine.”
On Coach Bo Pelini's Symptoms
“We won't get into symptoms, but it was just enough to where they felt they needed to check him out. That was essentially what went on.”