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NEW VOTING PERIOD: MAY 1-10 (see ESPN note below)
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ESPN suspended the voting after bots were used by fans to stuff the ballot box. ESPN's marketing department later issued this statement:
The integrity and accuracy of the vote is absolutely paramount to the promotion.
Our team has determined that the best course of action is to roll back the tally sheets and start with a new contest. This is the only way that we can truly guarantee that the votes are accurate and everyone is playing by the rules.
We are extremely confident in the new multiple levels of security that we have put in place and the revamped site will have the same level of defense as financial sites. The great news is that to the fan, there will be no significant barrier or effort to entry.
There are no more overzealous fans than fans of College Football and GameDay and as we saw, the fan response to the GameDay vote was truly overwhelming. With such a high level of excitement, it's critical that we put these additional measures in place to make sure the vote is both fair and accurate.
The vote will begin again on Tuesday, May 1st at noon/ET and 3/PT for the planned 10 day period. Buzz continues to build, so we're confident that fans will return in droves to participate. Most importantly, we want it to remain a fun experience that captures the deep passion that fans have for your school, college football and College GameDay.