Biggest score deficits to be overcome in Husker victories
Here are Nebraska's largest winning comebacks on record, including the time the opponent scored to take its largest lead and the time NU produced the game-winning score.
YearDeficitOpponentDeficit start pointGame-winning scoreFinal
201121Ohio State10:53 left, 3rd Q5:10 left, 4th Q34-27
200217at Texas A&M7:43 left, 3rd Q11:01 left, 4th Q38-31
199117at Kansas2:15 left, 1st Q8:46 left, 3rd Q59-23
200814Colorado10:33 left, 1st Q1:43 left, 4th Q40-31
199414Wyoming0:25 left, 1st Q8:11 left, 3rd Q42-32
199114Oklahoma12:39 left, 2nd Q2:57 left, 4th Q19-14
197914Penn State3:00 left, 1st Q6:02 left, 2nd Q42-17
197914Iowa5:21 left, 3rd Q5:52 left, 4th Q24-21
196814Oklahoma State4:47 left, 3rd Q0:57 left, 4th Q21-20
196714Kansas State3:19 left, 1st Q1:11 left, 4th Q16-14
196514Missouri0:00 left, 1st Q5:56 left, 4th Q16-14
196014Oklahoma11:19 left, 2nd Q1:38 left, 4th Q17-14
195114Iowa State*  34-27
195014Missouri*  40-34
198213Hawaii9:12 left, 3rd Q11:27 left, 4th Q37-16
194113Iowa*  14-13
200912at Missouri1:26 left, 3rd Q12:59 left, 4th Q27-12
197712Colorado9:55 left, 2nd Q0:06 left, 2nd Q33-15
196612Colorado3:39 left, 2nd Q0:53 left, 4th Q21-19
195012Kansas*  33-26
194012Iowa State*2nd Q3rd Q21-12
*Specific scoring information is incomplete
Source: University of Nebraska Athletic Department
(Some times corrected via HuskerMax research)