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vs. Kansas
Nov. 3, 2007 — 11:40 a.m., FSN
Lawrence, Kan.

Pregame press
Stories leading up to the game are listed here in reverse chronological order.
What makes a team greater than the sum of its parts? That's a question being asked as NU and Kansas square off today in a rivalry turned upside down. Here's your game-day breakfast buffet from the papers in Omaha (1, 2), Lincoln (1, 2, 3), Wichita (1, 2, 3), Kansas City and Lawrence (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). | Predictions | KETV Scheutz
KU linebacker Joe Mortensen might have been a Husker instead.
Few have rooted for the Huskers as long as Betty Graham of Wichita.
Buddy Wyatt sees a need for improved speed on the defensive line.
Joe Ganz and Todd Reesing have at least this much in common: A fierce competitive streak.
The NU-KU role reversal has Kansas insisting it won't take Nebraska lightly.
Kansas' defense is proving itself to be good and deep. KU notes from Thursday.
Sam McKewon lists his five keys to the Kansas game.
Coach's son Adam Watson toils on the scout team. Thursday NU notes: 1, 2, 3
It's another one-sided batch of game predictions this week.
Jayhawks in the spotlight: Auib Talib, James McClinton, Kerry Meier
Breaking down KU and the NU-Kansas game: LJS, Bishop, Big Red Wrap-Up.
The defense tries not to think about its lowly stats. Wednesday notes: 1, 2
Football success comes as a surreal surprise at a basketball school, thanks to athletic director Lew Perkins' seemingly magic touch.
Jeff writes his Texas Scarlet Commentary.
Who's No. 2 at quarterback now? It might depend on the situation.
Walk-on Tyler Wortman gets ready for a possible start at linebacker.
The Huskers' blitz-fest in Austin has KU's offense wondering what to expect.
KU is getting it done without top recruits. There's a new starter at corner.
This week's Big Red Diary features Josh Mueller. Tuesday notes: 1, 2
Husker Dan gives his Texas review and has more Army mail.
Joe Ganz enthusiastically accepts the challenge that awaits him. See what else was said at Tuesday's team news conferences in Lincoln & Lawrence. KETV video
It's time to say thanks to Sam Keller and Lance Brandenburgh and hello to Joe Ganz, who may have Kansas wondering just what to expect.
Kansas is the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Nation Team of the Week.
Sam Keller and Lance Brandenburgh are out for the rest of the season. Joe Ganz is eager to take the reins of the offense.
Can the Huskers takes some positives from Saturday's loss and move forward?
A spread set, a mobile QB and a few option plays can confound a defense.
David Max gives his 2 cents on the game in Austin. Sam McKewon says the Huskers now know they have the talent and passion to finish 2007 the right way.
The Nebraska-Kansas stats comparison is another one-sided affair as the Huskers have fallen to last in Division 1-A in rushing defense.
Next week's opponent, Kansas, registers a 19-11 road win against Texas A&M.
See how things went in the Jayhawks' spring game.