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A couple of monumental streaks and just plain pride are on the line today as the Buffaloes come calling. Here is your game-day press from Grand Island (1, 2, 3, 4), Lincoln (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Omaha (1, 2), Denver (1, 2, 3), Boulder* (1, 2) and Kansas City, plus info from Huskers.com.
NU's 1994 win over CU had a lot to do with coaches' smarts.
Things are a lot different than they were 10 years ago.
Coach Barnett knows the difficulty of installing the WCO.
101 Husker things to be thankful for.
Joe Dailey is "learning how to learn".
Jake Andersen is planning on playing in a bowl game.
Jared Helming is moving to the defensive line.
Colorado papers profile Barrett Ruud* and Cory Ross.
The Huskers get in a practice and some community service.
Husker fans frustrated with the West Coast offense?
For Nebraska, an era is at stake.
NU and CU offenses have some similarities.
CU notes from the LJS and Denver.
Q&A with Colorado native Ross Pilkington.
Seppo Evwaraye never met a pair of hockey skates he liked.
No way is Pork Chop sitting this one out.
Joel Klatt is hoping to lead CU to rare victory in Lincoln.
It's not easy being a Nebraskan in Colorado.
Former Nebraska baseball player catching passes for Colorado.
Colorado game day notes and practice report from Huskers.com.
Darren DeLeone will play on Friday.
Players see victory on Friday as a stepping stone for the future as 22 seniors get ready for their last home game.
Husker Dan and Khus the Red check in with Colorado previews.
Coach Callahan is aware of the importance of Friday's game and has learned a lot in his first season.
Buffs' coach working on "getting to seven wins."
Darren DeLone will play Friday after appearing in court Monday in Oklahoma.
CU Athletic Director Dick Tharp resigns. Says bosses wanted him out.  Nationwide search underway for successor.
The BBS is asking for another Red Out with a touch of pink.
NU's changes on offense put CU's defensive coordinator in unfamiliar terrotory.
The Huskers return to practice on Sunday.
NU's record streak and pride are on the line* this Friday.
A successful Buffalo hunt is a must for Nebraska.
Tuesday notes and practice report.
Order your NU OWNS CU shirt now to have before the game.
Up next are the Buffs, who kept their division title hopes alive with a win over Kansas State in the final seconds. See how NU and CU match up statistically.
The Colorado wallpaper is up.
Bob Brown's number will be retired at the Colorado game.
The first Colorado-Nebraska pregame noise comes out of Denver.