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Stories are listed roughly in reverse chronological order.
There's game-day reading material from Omaha, Lincoln (1, 2, 3, 4), Grand Island (1, 2), Boulder (1, 2), Denver Post (1, 2, 3), Rocky Mtn. News (1, 2, 3, 4) and Kansas City.
Dale Endorf's leg strength is not a concern.
Pregame comments from the Colonel.
Trev Alberts recalls the 1992 rout over CU.
The seniors enter the game frustrated but united.
AP and Harmon pick NU to win, but Craig James, Kirk Herbstreit and Sportsline like CU.
Notes from Wednesday's practice, plus some CU notes.
CU coaches Shawn Watson and Gary Barnett have risen to challenges.
The radio play-by-play job is a balancing act: 1, 2
Player features: Jay White, David Horne, Scott Koethe, Nate Kolterman
Josh Brown's suspension leaves the Huskers green at the placekicker position for Friday's game.
Both schools ask fans to be nice.
The R-word gains acceptance in Lincoln.
Notes from Tuesday's practice, plus some CU notes.
NU remains tough to beat at home.
Frank Solich bristles at the OWH's report that he is ready to name an offensive coordinator: 1, 2
Wayne Lucier and Tyler Brayton describe CU's turnaround after a 1-2 start.
Chris Kelsay prepares to cap off an abbreviated season.
Josh Brown is arrested on suspicion of DUI.
A CU win is guaranteed by a Denver columnist.
Mixed signals arise over the status of Chris Brown.
Josh Davis hopes to regain home-state bragging rights.
Quotes from Monday's press conference: 1, 2, 3, 4
A walk-on's NU experience nears an end.
Notes from Monday's practice.
NU downplays the revenge factor.
From Denver, a look at NU fan discontent and a chat with Craig Bohl.
Drew Wahlroos recalls his last encounter with NU fans.
NU's production at fullback takes a dive.
Charlie McBride discusses the Blackshirts' problems as the Boulder paper examines the Huskers' mediocrity.
It was just one game and not a turning point, NU staffers say of last year's 62-34 rout. In any case, Barrett Ruud & Co. aim to rebound.
Notes from Friday's practice (1, 2, 3), and a couple of items from the CU side (1, 2).
CU's oft-injured Kirk Killion wins recognition.
Chris Kelsay nears the end of a frustrating season.
Gary Barnett wants fewer miscues from his Buffs.
I-backs Simmons and Ross point toward next year.
Ralphie receives an endowment.
School officials make pleas for good fan behavior.
Jammal Lord expects to return to practice Friday: 1, 2, 3
Jon Bowling's knee injury is a season-ender. More from Wednesday's practice: 1, 2
Player features: NU's Josh Davis and Phil Bland, and CU's Sean Tufts.
A Boulder columnist wants to see the Buffs end NU's nine-win streak.
As has been well documented, last year's score has a ring to it.
Preparations for the CU game get under way with Tuesday's practice.
The Buffs expect NU's best shot.
A few notes from the day after the KSU defeat.