H E L P    P A I N T    T H E    F I E L D

NU Alumni:

Since 1971, the Pasadena Jaycees have painted the field for every Rose Bowl Game. We continue the tradition for this year's game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Miami Hurricanes. As chairperson for this project for the second consecutive year, I would like to invite any interested University of Nebraska Alumni to assist us in this project.

We will begin work on the field for this year's game on December 22nd and finish on January 1. Last year we had a very good response from alumni of Purdue and Washington. If you think that any University of Nebraska Alumni may have an interest in helping the Pasadena Jaycees, please have them contact me at this email address: Colorization2002@aol.com

Our ability to accommodate alumni is limited, so those interested should contact me as soon as possible. Also, because of security issues, we must have advance information on all interested participants.

For those interested, the project is very labor intensive. The field is staked out with pegs and string, and hand sprayed. We rarely use stencils. Those assisting may be asked to carry paint buckets which weigh up to 70 lbs., help move paint lines as the paint is applied to the field, man masking boards, and assist in applying the paint. It is a very serious and controlled environment with no room for extracurricular activities (i.e. playing on the field, etc.), though cameras are encouraged. Like last year, alumni may also be interviewed and photographed by local and national media reporters.

Of those who participate, one person will win two tickets to the game. For each day someone assists with the project, they earn an entry into the drawing that will take place at the completion of the project on January 1.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any interested Alumni. Again, have them contact me at: Colorization2002@aol.com. Please have them include name, telephone number, and year of graduation.

Thanks for your help!

Jeffrey Heisinger
Pasadena Jaycees 2002 Rose Bowl Colorization
Alumni, University of Nebraska-Omaha, 1989
(626) 356-0270