From: Colin MacDonald
  St Louis....Scott Air Force Base
To: All Husker fans going to Pasadena
Okay...so I won't be able to make the game myself due to work commitments, but I was thinking about what I would love to see when I watch the game on television.

How cool would it be to have 60,000 screaming Husker maniacs holding American flags up during the national anthem.? Lets show the country what its like to be midwest hicks.! Hicks who love their team, family, God and country more than anything!

I personally think that would be an awesome thing to see. Pass the word......go to Wal Mart and buy twenty of those little flags, only about a buck apiece and lets show the country what Nebraska football fans are like.

Anyone want to jump on my bandwagon!! E-mail all your friends with this idea. Now more than ever we are not just Husker fans ...we are AMERICANS, first and foremost!!

Merry Christmas.