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Stories listed reverse chronologicallly.
Game predictions here.
Sandro DeAngelis wins the kickers' competition.
The players ponder this: Is a game ticket worth $400?
It's the usual Saturday-morning eyeball workout from the Omaha World-Herald (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Lincoln Journal-Star (1, 2), Grand Island Independent (1, 2) and Nebraska StatePaper (1, 2).
Pregame perspectives from South Bend (1, 2), Chicago, New York, Detroit, Indianapolis, Wichita and Houston.
A columnist yearns for some risk-taking by Bob Davie.
It's a key game in regards to a particular trophy.
Adrian Fiala came close to becoming a Domer.
Pregame multimedia: a CNNSI preview and a Terry Bowden-Bob Davie inverview.
Irish LB Rocky Boiman says it's payback time.
An Indiana reporter discovers the other South Bend.
The Blackshirts see this as their biggest test yet, while the offense looks to solve its red-zone woes.
The fans need to bring their A-game too.
Big games are nothing new for the Domers, but big road wins have become rare -- and it only gets worse at night.
SportsLine's Dennis Dodd wonders where all the great Irish QBs have gone.
ESPN rolls out some pregame items: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Some numbers to mull over, and a look at the Irish starters.
Jim & Jamie Burrow talk about football & family.
Times have changed since the Irish's last visit.
Navy Lt. Shane Osborn gets the royal treatment at Wednesday's practice
Wilson Thomas emerges as a go-to receiver.
MSNBC looks at the QBs, the Husker offense and some key matchups. (Netscape users may need to use these links for the matchups: 1, 2, 3, 4)
Josh Brown discusses his humbling summer.
Newcomers on defense are getting noticed.
Center Jeff Faine is a vital cog for the Irish.
ND alum Regis Philbin decides not to attend.
A long-suffering Irish/Buffs fan senses victory.
A Chicago-area columnist rips NU for its early games.
You gotta love Lincoln, Brent Musburger says.
Irish DE Anthony Weaver really wants this one.
USA Today profiles Bob Davie.
There could be a QB surprise up Bob Davie's sleeve. Matt LoVecchio may rotate with others.
Pregame thoughts from the Colonel.
The players dedicate the game to the Solich family as the coach copes with his personal loss.
Quotes from Frank Solich's press conference.
NU works on finishing off drives and on avoiding another nightmare on special teams.
An offense with muscle will test the Blackshirts.
Arnaz Battle adjusts to life as a receiver.
Better talent may help Bob Davie restore the aura.
Injuries have loomed large for the Irons brothers.
Tim Griffin, Tom Shatel, Anthony Gimino & Sam McKewon assess NU's weaknesses.
How big an advantage is it for the Huskers to have two games under their belts?
Eric Crouch says he's finally over the flu.
The OWH catches up with the original Rudy.
Carlyle Holiday waits for his turn at QB.
Julius Jones returns to action at Monday's Notre Dame practice.
It is officially requested that you wear red.
Condolences to Frank Solich after his father's death.
The game should provide some answers about the 2001 Huskers.
So, just how big is this game for the Irish?
Grant Irons has extra motivation for this one.
Tickets still ain't cheap.
NU's defensive line looks strong and deep. On offense, new weapons are emerging.
Irish QB Matt LoVecchio tunes up his passing game.
Players and coaches won't soon forget last year's thriller in South Bend.
Dave Volk assesses the O-line's progress.
Sophomore Kyle Budinscak is a budding star at DT for the Irish.
A South Bend columnist says the Irish will lose their opener and finish 8-3.
See how the Irish's final scrimmage went. Also, some notes.
A solid foundation for success is now in place at Notre Dame, coach Bob Davie says.
ESPN Gameday will be in Lincoln for NU-Notre Dame.
The Irish defense sizes up the NU offense.
It seems the Irish aren't night people.
The Irish aim to improve their passing.
As NU plays TCU, the Irish watch and learn.
The NY Times talks with former Crouch impersonator Matt LoVecchio.
Coach Bob Davie discusses the Irish's tough opener.
Lt. Shane Osborn and crew will be treated to seats at the game.
Bob Davie talks about both teams' QBs.
The Irish's offensive coordinator discusses the three-way race at quarterback.
TSN assesses the Irish, the mag's No. 16 team.
The Irish release their official 2001 outlook.
The South Bend and Omaha papers look at the NU-Irish ticket demand.
Mel Kiper Jr. sizes up the Irish.

OWH practice reports: M T W T F