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2002 Rose Bowl pregame press

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Pregame notes
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Depth chart
Pregame notes
Bowl history

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Listed separately: Game predictions | Items on the BCS controversy
Hurricanes and Huskers are ready for the big game.
The Rose Bowl will be Husker Red.
ESPN on Coker, Solich, Crouch and Dorsey.
Crouch is good but can he beat the Heisman curse?
The Colonel presents his game plan.
Erwin Swiney likes being in the championship game again.
NU aims to prove it can beat Miami's Talent.
Solich will accept a split crown.
The Husker fan base just got bigger.
NU fans take in Rose parade as they await game.
The Blackshirts' pride is at stake.
Eric Crouch seeks a perfect ending to a storybook season.
Can Miami stop NU's running game? The 'Canes believe their depth on the defensive line can wear out NU's O-line.
A batch of player features: Toniu Fonoti, Dahrran Diedrick (1, 2, 3), Ed Reed, Clinton Portis, Phillip Buchanon (1, 2) and Ken Dorsey.
UM's Jeremy Shockey says NU gave up in Boulder.
A writer throws cold water on Eric Crouch's NFL hopes.
More highbrow fare from TJ Simers.
QBs Dorsey and Crouch get it done in different ways.
Barry Alvarez gives Frank Solich some Rose Bowl pointers.
UM's Randy Shannon and Mark Stoops are coaches on the rise.
Miami has weaknesses, but try to find them.
The 'Canes are wary of the play-action pass.
Enough with the NU bashing, an L.A. columnist says.
Here's a way to get to the game in style.
The Huskers meet the press: 1, 2
Notes from Sunday's practice.
UM's receivers want fewer drops.
Miami works on stopping Crouch.
Bryant McKinnie and Benard Thomas talk a little smack (scroll down this link.)
An Arizona columnist isn't buying CU's argument.
Another team finds the NU offense ain't so simple.
USA Today looks at Judd Davies and his role in the offense. Other player features: Mike Stuntz, Bryant McKinnie, Erwin Swiney (1, 2), Ken Dorsey, Keyuo Craver, D.J. Williams, Jarrett Payton.
A car wreck helped unify the 'Canes.
Craig Bohl tackles a big challenge.
A familiar name steps up at wide receiver for Miami.
The '84 Orange Bowl helped transform both programs.
LB Chris Campbell will miss the game, coach Coker confirms.
The Rose Bowl has that aura.
Bodies by Boyd gets some ink in L.A.
ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski tosses a few darts in his Rose Bowl diary.
Several Huskers would like championship rings to match those of their older brothers.
The schools are a study in contrasts in terms of recruiting: 1, 2
It's the OWH's turn to profile Frank Solich and Larry Coker.
Another set of '41 Rose Bowl recollections: 1, 2
L.A. isn't exactly captivated by the game.
The Buffs say they won't root for NU.
The L.A. Times takes a look at Husker frenzy.
Miami LB Chris Campbell is looking more and more doubtful for the game.
Notes from Saturday's NU practice in the rain.
The NU contingent polishes off nearly a third of a ton of prime rib.
Thunder Collins returns to his old stomping grounds.
An L.A. columnist is still cranky about the matchup. (Three-week-old, identically-themed column here.)
Many on NU's cheer squads get left behind.
One final retort for TJ Simers to chew on.
The BCS didn't exactly invent controversial rankings.
More features on Larry Coker and Frank Solich (1, 2). Also, Dahrran Diedrick and Eric Crouch, Clinton Portis.
The Miami paper examines the allure of NU football.
The 'Canes have enjoyed payback time in 2001.
A look at the Miami football "dynasty-come-lately."
The dramatic '84 Orange Bowl is recalled by Jeff Smith and Kenny Calhoun.
And then there are those who recall playing in the '41 Rose Bowl.
Game-day traffic could be a mess.
Meet Edward Reed, impact player.
Peruse the OWH's Rose Bowl special section.
Eric Crouch clings to his NFL dreams.
Van Brownson and Johnny Rodgers talk about old times and current pursuits.
Courtesy of a Miami columnist, the view through Nebraska's facemask.
The L.A. Times takes its turn at profiling coaches Solich and Coker -- who, by the way, agree on a controversial topic.
The Orange County paper has a nice Eric Crouch feature.
Notes from the Friday Dec. 28 UM practice: 1, 2, 3, 4
Turner Gill ponders the post-Crouch era.
ABC's Tim Brant analyzes the matchup.
The Miami and Dallas papers size up Frank Solich.
It's a California homecoming for Ken Dorsey.
More best-team-ever conjecture: 1, 2
NU has some talent too, Solich says.
They're 700 pounds of blocking prowess: Toniu Fonoti and Bryant McKinnie.
A Miami linebacker has a knee drained, while Bryant McKinnie returns to practice. Najeh Davenport, meanwhile, finds ways to help his replacement, Willis McGahee.
The players unwind in Anaheim: 1, 2, 3
Profiles of UM's Todd Sievers and NU's Eric Crouch and Tracey Wistrom. Also, coaches Frank Solich and Larry Coker.
Notes from Thursday's NU and UM practices.
The 'Canes have cleaned up their act, but their roster still makes NFL scouts drool.
NU's loss was a wake-up call for Miami.
Beware of the Huskers, says a Florida columnist.
A Florida scribe visits with Congressman Tom.
Do the 2001 'Canes belong among history's elite?
Get a fistful of game tickets, and suddenly you're everyone's best friend.
USA Today and the Washington Post examine the Huskers' mindset.
There's extra pressure on NU's corners.
A Florida paper recalls the '84 Orange Bowl classic.
Profiles of UM coaches Chudzinski & Coker.
The laid-back 'Canes arrive in L.A.: 1, 2, 3, 4
Dan Waldrop is glad to be home for the holidays.
An update (and recap) on Lawrence Phillips.
Patrick Kabongo doesn't make the trip.
Eric Crouch hasn't allowed himself to savor his December to remember.
Miami RB Clinton Portis prefers the limelight, while coach Larry Coker seems egoless.
Miami's O-line is a formidable bunch.
Brent Musburger says the Huskers can win this one.
The UM staff tries not to put much stock in the CU game tape.
Christmas on the road is old hat for the Huskers; the underdog role is not.
NU's defense faces a challenge, but so does Miami's.
The senior reserves relish their Blackshirts.
A fan's '95 Orange Bowl MP3 brings back memories of seven years ago.
Another fan has a suggestion for those who will be at the game.
A UM receiver is suspended.
NU's Band Song was born on the 1941 Rose Bowl trip.
Meet UM's free-spirit center, Brett Romberg.
The Huskers arrive in L.A. (1, 2, 3) and begin getting acclimated by holding a two-hour practice.
It's been a special season for the Burrows.
Miami DE Jerome McDougle is grateful just to be around after a preseason scare.
The bowl loss still haunts the '86 'Canes.
Three keys to Miami's defense: DT William Joseph, CB Mike Rumph and backfield coach Mark Stoops.
The L.A. Times offers an A-to-Z primer on NU football as southern California gets ready for a red invasion.
With their unity intact and in spite of their detractors, the Huskers head for L.A.
Tailgating space will be in short supply.
Transfer Chad Sievers can't wait for '02.
John Gibson knows all about second chances.
NU's receivers are content to be obscure -- until game time.
Orange County is Cornhusker country.
NU's '41 Rose participants reminisce.
The L.A. trip has Dan Waldrop fired up.
Saturday was graduation day for 15 Huskers.
Miami's starting fullback goes down with a broken foot.
Mike Stuntz refamiliarizes himself with the quarterback position.
NU-Miami has been a small but influential series.
Both teams are well represented in the NFL.
NU has its final Lincoln practice.
Look for the hologram on your ticket.
The Troy Staters assess the game again and pick NU to win.
It'll be like Miami vs. Washington all over again (65-7), says UM's Jeremy Shockey.
Help paint the field.
Meet Edward Reed, Miami's "all-universe" DB.
Tracey Wistrom remains upbeat despite injury.
The 'Canes have come far in four years.
Mark Stoops gets plenty of brotherly advice on how to defense the Huskers.
NU will wear its red jerseys.
The university's bowl trip is complicated and costly.
Barrett Ruud reflects on the ups and downs of his freshman season.
Miami's kicker knows all about Huskermania.
Who will wear down whom this time?
A salute to Eric Crouch.
Pregame commentary: Desert Husker, Colonel, Loon.
Safety James Lewis likes the Canes' chemistry.
T.J. Simers displays more of his rapier wit.
Miami has a pair of Crouch impersonators..
Toniu Fonoti says his thoughts are on the game, not his future. Several Canes are in a similar position.
Frank Solich talks about NU's offensive strategy versus the Canes.
The Blackshirts hope to prevent a fast start by Miami.
He's undersized, but John Garrison gets the job done.
Injuries have slowed UM receiver Daryl Jones.
Quarterbacks Eric Crouch and Ken Dorsey are friendly rivals.
After missing the last two games, Phil Bland doesn't intend to sit this one out.
NU's seniors want to earn those championship rings.
A look at the hoopla of 61 years ago.
Miami's Bryant McKinnie says he'll play -- but not if it risks his NFL career.
More often than not, NU has a hand in the title hunt.
A game preview from the Daily Nebraskan: 1, 2, 3
NU's corners expect more action this game than last.
Talent isn't in short supply in Coral Gables.
Dahrran Diedrick has quietly piled up the yardage.
We're in the Rose; get over it. That's the message from NU players at Friday's news conference. NU's underdog role is also discussed, and Frank Solich and Eric Crouch field lots of questions.
Miami RB Clinton Portis says he doesn't expect another disaster from NU's defense.
Miami OT Bryant McKinnie's knee rehab goes slowly.
TSN previews the game.
Jon Rutherford relishes the second chance, and so do the Blackshirts.
Troy State's coach compares the teams.
Eric Crouch gets back to work.
Can the Blackshirts get pressure on Ken Dorsey?
Just how red will the Rose Bowl be? Tickets are a hot commodity.
The L.A. Times' T.J. Simers skewers NU fans, and the readers strike back: 1, 2, 3
Its tradition makes the Rose Bowl extra special for L.A.'s Thunder Collins.
NU's players make no apologies as they begin bowl preparations.
L.A. gets ready for the red strangers.
There's happiness in Nebraska, but also in Pasadena.
The 'Canes are just glad to know who they're playing.
The Vols again prove to be tonic for the Huskers.
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