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H I C K S    &    H A C K S

Dear Mr. Simers,

Obviously you didn't learn well enough. I know what you are. You are the hack equivalent to a shock jock. You say things that you know will aggravate people in order to draw a response and sell papers. The problem is that you are stealing material from some of your hack colleagues. We've heard this one before.

Oh sure, Nebraska is an easy target. Always has been. It's not the most beautiful place in the world (unless you are a hunter or a farmer) and its climate is less than desirable most of the year. Sure, farming has never been cool and it probably never will be. But we sure do need those fine folks, don't we? Where do you suppose all of that tofu (that you pay $25 a plate for) comes from? But we're the "yokels." You're the ones who eat that crap.

It's easy to make fun of the garbage man too. But what would you do without him at your beautiful LA apartment? Or is it one of those 1000sq. foot two and one townhouses for $2200 per month? Oh I forgot, we live in the "sticks" we just wouldn't understand. Obviously you have never been to West Omaha. What a fool. What you paid for your home could buy a mansion in Omaha. Go ahead and look at Omaha real estate on the web. Or do you have the internet in LA? See how easy it is to make foolish statements?

The point that I'm trying to make is that we like who we are and we will not apologize for it, and we are proud of it. Nebraskans are kindest, strongest, most honest and intelligent people you will ever meet. That I can say without hesitation. I can also tell you that this is the reason that we are so faithful to our football team. Everything about Nebraska Football reflects who we are as a people. To be a Nebraska fan is a gift. That's why it feels so good when we play teams from places like LA or South Bend and we have to read columns like yours that suggest that you are so much better than us. Then, once the ball game is over, articles are written about how well behaved the Nebraska fans were and how generously they spent their money. Then all of the smack talkers are looking for a bag to put over their head and all of the nasty insults are conveniently forgotten. And we usually leave town with a win.

What I would suggest, Mr. Simers, is that you are the "hick" (or is it hack). The ease at which you generalize people in your article is scary. You should be a little more responsible with what you write. Generalizing and labeling people for any reason, is irresponsible and un-American. And write something original. As I said, we've heard this one before.


Matt Hagood
Miami, FL