vs. Oklahoma
Oct. 28, 2000, 11:09 a.m. CDT (ABC TV)
Memorial Stadium, Norman

Pregame press

Saturday Oct. 28

  • John Mackovic charts the Sooners' offensive evolution. He also provides a game breakdown, as does Will Weiss.
  • Eric Crouch talks about the turning point early last season.
  • A look at the quarterback matchup.
  • An article about Josh Heupel.
  • NU's travel roster.
  • One final round of pregame stories from the Omaha World-Herald (1, 2), Dallas Morning News, Washington Post, K.C. Star, New York Times, San Antonio Express-News, Grand Island Independent (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (1, 2, 3)

    Friday Oct. 27
  • A Josh Heupel profile from USA Today.
  • Bosworth and Switzer lend their support to the Sooners.
  • More "the-rivalry-is-back" stories from ESPN, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Seattle Times, the Detroit News and the Omaha World-Herald.
  • NU's rush ends want to keep up their improvement.
  • The excitement builds for fans of the resurgent Sooners.
  • A profile on Bob Stoops.
  • Game breakdowns from ABC and Sportsline.
  • Series highlights and memories.
  • Switzer and Osborne: the old rivals share a bond.
  • A Daily Nebraskan four-pack: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Some pregame notes from the K.C. Star.
  • ESPN's Norman notebook.
  • The Grand Island paper on Crouch & Heupel, plus some notes.
  • Bob Stoops sees a lot of Danny Wuerffel in Josh Heupel.
  • The Fort Worth paper focuses on the two defenses: 1, 2
  • Joe Walker will be one of the players to watch on defense.
  • There's encouraging news on Loran Kaiser.
  • Dennis Dodd says to expect another classic, but can it match the 1971 drama?
  • USA Today rolls out one of those stories about what football means in Nebraska.
  • The Sooners say they never lacked talent, just confidence.

    Thursday Oct. 26
  • There's more to offensive diversity than meets the eye.
  • No. 1 vs. No. 2 is usually something special.
  • More stories about the OU running game and how NU is determined to stop it.
  • Dan Hadenfeldt rebounds from a rough start.
  • The downside of the conference playoff game.
  • Two from the Grand Island paper: 1, 2
  • ESPN's Norman notebook.
  • Forcing three and out has been a hallmark of Rocky Calmus and the rest of the OU defense.
  • Watch out for the Sooners' 5-foot-7 RB, Quentin Griffin.
  • Check out the Sportvision playbook: plain | fancy
  • A look at Frank Solich's approach to coaching.
  • More blasts from the past: Updates on Johnny Rodgers, Marcus Dupree and J.C. Watts.

    Wednesday Oct. 25
  • The San Antonio and Wichita papers make note of the Blackshirts' resurgence.
  • The Dallas paper chats with former Baylor signee Joe Walker.
  • More from OU's Tuesday press conference: Lincoln J-S, Omaha W-H, Heupel audio, Stoops audio I, Stoops audio II.
  • More from NU's Tuesday press conference: Lincoln J-S, Grand Island Independent (1, 2), Daily Nebraskan (1, 2), Crouch audio, Solich audio.
  • The Philadelphia paper previews the game.
  • ESPN's Norman notebook.
  • Eric Crouch understands the fans' passion.
  • The Husker O-line is a motivated bunch this week. That includes greybeard Jason Schwab.
  • It seems that the NU and UT rivalries aren't equal in Sooner fans' eyes.
  • History 101: The Dallas paper counts five games of the century, the Chicago Tribune reminisces with Mildren and Tagge, and ABC catches us up on Steinkuhler and Rimington.

    Tuesday Oct. 24
  • Loran Kaiser is still battling his frustrating foot injury.
  • Two from the Daily Nebraskan: 1, 2
  • Sooner fund-raising is booming, too.
  • J.T. Thatcher talks about the Sooners' rise from the ashes.
  • Two from the Grand Island Independent: 1, 2
  • Big 12 coaches talk about the matchup.
  • It's a homecoming for three Oklahomans on the NU roster.
  • Some pregame buildup from CNNSI.
  • Another entertaining Barry Switzer interview on audio.
  • The Blackshirts shore up their stats but face their toughest test yet.
  • Colonel Mustard rolls out his game plan.

    Monday Oct. 23 (and earlier)
  • Tom Shatel previews the game for Sporting News.
  • An audio interview with Barry Switzer.
  • CNNSI recalls the bad old days of OU football.
  • Ball control (1, 2) is the mantra again this week for NU.
  • OU watched and learned from the NU-Texas Tech game.
  • It's kind of like Super Bowl week, the Dallas paper says.
  • The Kansas City, Grand Island, Lincoln, and Omaha papers welcome the return of the red rivalry. So do Husker Press Box and CBS Sportsline.

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