Quantcast HuskerMax

From: "Marc McCord" (marcmc@worldnet.att.net)
Subject: fans
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 22:04:48 -0600
After what was no doubt a very tough loss for Huskers, I found out something about the NU fans. They have a serious amount of class. After that loss it would have been excusable for them to boo our players or treat our small group of fans rudely. Instead, they showed an incredible amount of class. They praised our team to our fans and they actually applauded our team as they left the field and said things such as "great game" and "good luck the rest if the year."
After dealing with the classless fans from A&M and OU, this was a refreshing shock! They would have booed, spit or poured drinks on our players as they have done in the past. But the NU fans showed class throughout. I give them my highest praise and I wish for only the best for the NU team in the future (except against the Horns).
Please let your fine fans know that their classy actions are appreciated, and that it is now easy to see why they are thought of throughout the country as college football's finest fans.

Marc McCord