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Syracuse 10
Nebraska 9

Nov. 29, 1917

NEBRASKA BEATEN BY SYRACUSE, 10-9 Cornhnskers Nearly Tie Score in Final Momenta of Flay at Lincoln. ft cetal Oarssfea t Tss Scs. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 21. The East nosed out the West to-d- when Syracuse triumphed over Nebraska by 10 to 9 In as thrilling a football combat as ever waa ataged on a Western gridiron. Capt. Shaw of the Westerners Is the saddest man tn all Nebraska ht His failure to kick a goal following a touchdown tn tha last minute of play balked tha Westerners In their bid to tie the score. The Comfraskers fought their way to a three point lead In the opening quarter. After an exchange of punts a fifteen yard penalty, a forward pus. Dob-so- n to Hobks, for nine yards and an off tackle smash by Schellenberg put the ball within kicking distance, and Dobson dropped back to the 38 yard line and drop kicked a pretty field goal. The half ended with the score Nebraska 8, Syracuse 0. A fighting Orange team trotted on the field at the opening of the third quarter and the Eastern team literally swept the lluskers off their feet and by straight football carried the ball to the 15 yard line. Here Meehan hurled a perfect pass to Matt Brown over the line, who leaped Into the air to catch It ana fought his way to position for Meehan to kick an easy goal. Syracuse crossed tho line again a little later, but Thompson was off side and the ball was called back. Meehan drop kicked a goal from the 25 yard line as the third period ended. The lluskers fought desperately In the last quarter and went over Just before the whistle blew. Shaw missed goal. The lineup : Syraeus (It). Nabxaaka (). E. Brown ....Left end... Rhodes Cobb ' T ,. t..bt. ... Wilder Alexander ...eft suard -- Kosltsky Robertson . . .VH., . . ......Day Thompson ..Rlsht guard. ...Dttteaj Hesal .... ..Rlsht tackle Shaw Schwarzer ...Rlsht end.. ...Kelloit- - Maehan . .Ouartarhaek. . leballanhr Barsha , Left halt Dobson M. Brown Right half Hublca Malona Fullback Cook Touchdown M. Brown. Rhode. Dola from touchdown Meehan. Ooala from field Meehan, Dobson. Referee Mr. Birch. Karlbam Collet a. Umpire Mr. Gordon. Harvard. Field ludse Mr. nld, Michigan. Linesman Mr. Hatnea, Yale. Tim of period II minute each. Substitute! Syracuse: Steele for Heopl for Schwartsar, Behwartter for Hoopla. Flaonary (or Barsha. Nebraska: Muna for Dutcao. MoMahen for HeallabTg, Krlamalmeyer tor afunn. Touag rr Krlamalmeyer. Riddel! for Jouag. U Chaw for Kostteky, Otoupallk