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Nebraska 18
Iowa State 9

Nov. 1, 1913

Nebraska shook off a shaky start in Ames, scoring the game's final 18 points after falling behind by 9-0. A long kick return and a lengthy field goal had the Cyclone partisans celebrating in the first quarter, but the Cornhuskers dominated play the rest of the way. Below is the Omaha Bee's account of the game. Also available is the Lincoln Star's game story.

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Omaha Bee | Sunday, Nov. 2, 1913

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Ames Starts Off Like a Cyclone, but Sucoumbs to Nebraska's At tacks in Final Half. HALLIGAN BACK IN THE GAME Huskcr Tackle Who Was Injured Plays Through Entire Game. BECK IS INDIVIDUAL STAR Nebraska Right Halfback Goes Over Ames Line for Two Scores. CRIPPLES MAKE FINE SHOWING Cornhusker Line Gets Good After It is Limbered Up. I AMES LEADS IN FIRS.T HALF Senrr Stand- Xlne to Sis, irltli Amn at dong End nt End of Secuiiil Period, lint Ilu-ltcrn Cnmo Raplc Hard. Nebraska, 18. Ames, 9. AMBS, la-, Nov. 1. (Special Telegram.) Scoreless at tho end of the first period find beaten, 9 to 6, at the whistle of the half, Stlehm's Cornhuskers came back with a determined rush In tho last half and defeated Ames, 19 to 9. The game waa one of the most fierce!- fought ever staged on State field. A howling crowd . of 6,000 witnessed the defeat. Excepting tho first quarter, when It! looked gloomy for Nebraska, It waa Ne braska's game. In the first period It looked all Ames. Dut the Cornhuskers came back on tho field In the last, halt a different crew, outdoing Ames' dashing offense with the same llne-batterfng. style of play. ' Ueck, Towle, Rutherford, Coffee, Ilalllgan and Elwell divided the honors for Nebraska, neck's uncheckable . llnet (l smashing and scoring waa the brilliant feature of tho game, The star left-half scored two touchdowns for Nebraska; Halllgan, acting as captain Instead of Towle, scoring the .third and final touch down. Rutherford at right-half played a censatlonnl smashing game, he being shot Into and forced through the Cyclone line time an dagaln for gains that made uroups of successive downs In succession. He was the backbone of tho Nebraska defense In tho first quarter and the main spring of Nebraska's overwhelming of- ! fenso through the rest of the game, until he was wracked so severely by the stub' born Cyclone defense that he was taken out In the fourth period to be relieved by eDlamater, who did not fall short of Rutherford's magnificent game to any j degree. j Ames started the game with a dash- 1 tearing speed that sw.cpt Nebraska down the field. In the first quarter tho Cyclone backs piled Into the 6ornhusker line with ease. The Ames attack In the Initial period was merciless, the Nebraska line cffrelng a resistance as futile as a high school defense. Ames' backs plowed great caps In the Nebraska line, making gains of three to seven yard at a plunge. It invariably be ing up to the Nebraska secondary de fense to stop the Cyclone, backs after they had smashed through a hole In the line. But the Nebraskans delayed the rush In the socond period and stopped it and turned the tide In the third and fourth. Wilson, the Ames half who laid out Tollfson, tho great "Gopher" quarter, and since has been out of the game as a result of that tackling, pounded the Nebraska defense to pieces, he, Davta and XJhl butchered the line for long chunks of Cornhusker territory. Bron nan. fighting little Ames' quarterback, who gave the Cyclones all they got In the way of scoring. In tho first quarter he crossed the Nebraska goal for the third time that that deed has been done this season- Brennan received the klckoff on his own twenty-two-yard Hue, Jerked himself loose o fthree tackles, dodged the clus tered Nebraska defense and race seven tyelght yards for a touchdown, hotly chased by the entire Nebraska team. Shortly after Brennan scpred Ames' only touchdown and Ames had driven the ball back from one of Howard's long punts to Nebraska's thirty -eight-yard line, the Cyclone general dropped back near! yto the fifty-yard line and booted with a light wind high above the bar between the posts. The first quarter closed with an Im- v i 1 VL ' , , ; "? "c baU was In the possession of Nebraska on Ames one-yard line. The Ames' line held solid for two downs, the Nebraska backs being ablei to add a yard at each assualt. ! I neck Pnshed Acrnn. 1 On the last down the Cyclone linemen were staring down at the line of their goal. Nebraska, backs had found a weak pot at the center of the Cyclone line. Towle gave the ball to Beck who was shoved oer for a touchdown. Nebraska stari ng to crawl up, rclmig- lch for Fultaway. Reerr: Rusli . .v .. -i7. rw.n. .V. wn... lof Nebraska. I mp4re: Hath bone of Ne orated the attack and Paris and W llion , tmsks. Head Unetiman: Chaumir of Ne skirted ends for considerable gains which ) liraska. Time of quarters- Two twelve I,- h fichtlne Cornhusker ' and B na,f minutes, one ten minutes and ere offset b. me nsniing cornnuswer . one ffrfn m)nulN1 Touchdown- Muellrr. defense. , Tamie 3. KeMle. Wit!i. Walker. The ball went to A.ue Ames lost on , Plai e kl. ".-'fr Cos'' t-nm touch down. rwerwl on a fumW- ana punte 1 down sx "r Nc " with the advantage falling to Nebraska.; Persistent Aivert-s-n g H tr-e Rosd U Kb CI clone strength teemed to have B g Retrain. gone over to Nebraska at the end of the quarter with Ames unable to check tho smashing. Again In the second quarter Nebraska cano near scoring;. Howard, on an end rjw. gained tin yards. Rutherford hit tho line for three n ore. Beck" wast held 111 a plunge through center. Towle passed a long one to Howard who carried tho ball to Ames' two-yard line, Rutherford then tried to get around tho right end, but failed. The Ames' lino holding him to a scant yard gain. The Clclono line stiffened like a stone-wall and threw Beck back. Cowan then punted out Mnntln I'nt Out of Game. Mastln, Nebraska's right end, was taken out of tho gamo for roughness, and Ne braska submitted to a twonty-flve-yard penalty. Gellwlck went Iri for .Mastln. Coffee brilliantly Intercepted an Ames paM .j nn twenty yftruj Ame8 took ,,, h ,,. ,i niimnA nut ta m,ddIe fleM from the thirty.yard nno afU)r i,unBUnfC passes. Ames distinctly was outclassed In the smashing game In the third quarter, when Rutherford, Beck, Halllgan and Cameron literally dyna mited the Ames defense, Tho gains were J measured, Cameron five yards, Ruther-J ford seven. Beck two, und with a repeti tion of the same thing over again the ball was on Ames five-yard line. Halll gan broke through tackle and Rutherford dug through Ames' lino until tho ball landed on the five-yard line. Ruther ford failed around right end and Towle hit clear 'and plunged right upon Ames' goal line. Beck again was given the ball to score and he did. Towle missed goal. Quarter closed with ball on Ames' five yard line. Score: Ames, 9; Nebraska, 12. Starting the fourth period on Ames five-yard line, Klwell dove Into the Ames center, tho point picked for attack. He made three yards, and Halllgan waa pushed over for a touchdown. Lineup: Lineup and summary: NEBRASKA. Howard Halllgai, lines ...... Thompson Abbot Cameron S-'aBtln Cowan L.E. L.E, Mattlson L.T. L.T. . McKlnley ,ua. uu. ., John C. C Holmes R.G. R.G. . Reeves R.T. ILT. ., Tlernan U.H.i U.K. . Brennan Q H. Q.B. , Davis UII.B.1 1..B.H. Wilson R.H.F.I It.H.B, Uhl K.B.i F.B. . Towle ..Peatherford Beck Co (fee Substitutions: Wormhouldt fm- Mutti son. Gellwlck for Mastln, Delamater for Ruthorford, Klwell for Ueck, Beck for Horard, Howard for Coffee, Powell for uhl, Cunningham for Cowan. Touch downs: Brennan, Beck (!), Halllgan. Drop kick: lircnniin Kcnrc liv nnnM.... Ames, 9; Nebraska, 0;Ames, 0; Nebraska, 6; Amen, 0: Nebraska. 6; Ames, 0: Ne braska, 6. Officials: Master, Northwest ern, referee; Hylond, Iowa, Rellly, Kan-