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Carlisle 37
Nebraska 6

Dec. 2, 1908



Bismarck Daily Tribune

Thursday, Dec. 3, 1908

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10carlisle_tribune08 (105K)
INDIANS WIN GAME Belated Football Game Is Pulled Off at Lincoln, Nebraska Carlisle Cleans Up Nebraska Boys by a Score of 37 to 6 Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 2.-Outclassing Nebraska state universxiy the Car lisle Indians this afternoon won a brilliant gridiron victory at Antelope park, the final score being 37 to 6 in favor of the visitors. The Indians made gains through the line and were aided at critical times by Hau ser's kicking. The teams lined up on a frozen grid iron, a cutting wind irritating the players. After a forward pass Ba lenti's kick was blocked and Nebras­ ka took the ball to Carlisle's 10-yard line. Kroeger was pushed over for a touchdown, when Hauser kicked goal. After two minutes of scrimmaging Hauser made a place kick from the thrty-five-yard line. By line buck­ ing end end rtins Carlisle carried the ball fifty yards fo^ a touchdown. Hauser missed goal. A brfllian exchange of punts end­ ed in Nebraska losing the ball to the Indians on Nebraska's 50-yard line. Carlisle made a series of spec­ tacular gains and Hauser scored a drop kick. Thorpe secured the ball on Miner's fumble and dashed 38 yards for a touchdown. Hauser kicked goal and the first half ended. Score: Carlisle 19, Nebraska 5. The second half opened with a punting duel, in which Carlisle won a slight advantage and settled down to steady gains through Nebraska's line. Nebraska weakened and Car­ lisle tore up the line. The Indians scored three touchdowns and gather­ ed in three goals making the final score: Carlisle, 37 Nebraska, 6. The line-up: Nebraska' Position Carlisle Johnson ........ LE,.... Litteodman Frum •.,• .....LT....... Wauseka Ewing ........ .LG........ Laroquo Collins ..,...... .C u- ......... Barrel Harte RG.....1...... Bird Chaloupke ... .RT.. ... Litteboy Harvey ..I.RE.. 'ii..'.P. Hauser Cook, Bantley .. .QB........ Belanti Beltzer ...LH. .Thorpe, Winnie Birkner ......RH. Hendricks, Litibey Kroeger, Temple .FB.. .Payne Officials: Referee— Ralph Hoagland (Ex Princeton.) a Chicago.) Umpire—Walter Eckersall (Ex Field Judge—Porter (Ex-Cornell.) Head linesman—Cornell (Ex-Indi­ ana.) Touchdowns—Kroeger, Payna^.2 -At at-• .'a Thorpe ani Wauseka. Field goals—Hauser 2. Halves— Thirty-ftve minutes