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Nebraska 20
Grinnell 5

Oct. 10, 1908


Grinnell showed surprising pluck while falling to the Cornhuskers, 20-5, in Lincoln. More coverage: Omaha World-Herald.


Omaha Bee

Sunday, Oct. 11, 1908

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03grinnell08 (157K)
CORNHUSKER BEAT GRINNELL Take Game in Which Grinnel Excels in Fast Work. . GRINNELL MUCH LIGHTER ira Lads Surprise the Nrbraska Bors In the New Style bat Cornhaakcr Beef Wins. LINCOLN, . Neb., Oct. 10. (Specials Playing fast and fiercely and keeping, up a defense that bewildered the Cornhuskers Grinnell went down to glorious defeat by the score of SO to S In two short halves of twenty minutes each, to tho tho Corn huskers who had not expected tho visitors to have much of an offense. The game was the biggest surprise of the season. For the opening five minutes of play the light Grinnell players swept tho Corn huskers off their feet and carried the ball from their own thirty-five yard line across the Nebraska goal line for tho first touch down of tho game.' They worked the straight old-fashioned foot ball with a nice variety of modern plays and Jiept the scar let and cream men guessing all the time. After the first five minutes of play Ne braska seemed to get Into form and came back at the Grinnell men with the "best playing It has done this season. The attack was rapid and strong, and Grinnell was forced back gradually for a touchdown, which followed the first by Grinnell in a few minutes. Fir . the remainder of the gimo they played their best, but the vis itors met every attempt to advance . with the hardest kind of resistance, every yard the Cornhuskers made they had to fight to get. Superior weight and beef that told every time the Cornhuskers made a touchdown. Three times In the opening half the Scar let and Cream players advanced tho ball by end runs and forward passes to within striking distance of their opponents' goal line and then their beef broke down the gallant defense of Grinnell and touchdowns resulted. One time this occurred on a for ward pass. Captain Harvey caught the ball on the Grinnell twenty-yard line, i There were several ' of the visitors holding on to him, but they could not . prevent a touchdown, for the Cornhuskers got back of their captain and bore him owr the line. Grinnell Moves Fast. The Grinnell play, was remarkable. Out weighed on the average of ten pounds to tile man. the visitors made yard after yard through the Nebraxka line on straight foot ball. This was not so much the caso in the first half as in the second. In the opening half they played play8lTW0 ;p; opening half they used the "peek a' boo" style of play, but i nthe last on, with the ball in their teritoiy most of the time and after Nebraska had solved their tricks, tliey . directed their attac ks against the center line. Center and right tackle gave way to them several time. Once a fake center play netted thorn forty yards. This miserable showing of the line was a disappointment to Nebraska rooters, who had thought the cornhuskers' line was one of the strongest in the west. When they saw the light Iowa men plow through It for long gains Uiey knew something was wrong, and all hope of victory over Min nesota went glimmering. Tonight they are predicting that the Gophers will have a walkover unless the next few days see a remarkable Improvement In the Nebraska defensive play. "Pip" Cooke, the little midget center and Croger. full back, were the stars of the game for Nebraska. Blair, left half, and Flanagan, left end, were the stars for Grinnell. Zeigler of Grinnell kicked off at 3.S7 with Nebraska defending the west goal. Chaloupka caught the ball and returned it to the fifty-yard line. Blrkner on a run around left end niude twenty-five yards, setting the Nebraska rooters to cheering. Beltser on the next play was thrown tack for a loss on an attempted end run. Again Nebraska failed to gain and the ball went to Grinnell on its own thirty-five-yard line. Grlaaell Scores First. The visitors started out on their first play and aent chills down the backs of the Cornhusker rooter. On a triple for- ward pass from Batr to Well to Flan agan the latter circled left end for a fifty-yard run. Chaloupka nailed Bs.tr for a loss. The next play was a short on-slde kick over center, which Nebraska Juggled around until Greenwood fell on th ball. It was on Nebraska's fifteen-yard lfne. Loos was pushed through center for five yards and the ball waa on Nebraska' ten-yard line. The bleacher were yell ing, "Hold 'em, Nebraska!" But Loo waa given the ball again to carry and waa aent through center for a touchdown. Wells failed to kick gosl. Score: Grln- nell, 5; Nebraska, 0. Spurred on by the atlng of having It goal line crossed. Nebraska came back In the next five minute of play with a fierceness that swept Orlnnell slowly back to Its goal line. Blrkner kicked off to Turner, who returned It twenty yards. Beltier tackled htm and waa hurt Turner tried an end run and was stopped with no gain. He fell outside the lines end dropped the ball, which waa caught up by Harvey. Two attempts by the Cornhuskere to pierce the Ctrlnnell klne Ht center and tackle failed. On tha next play Chaloupka was sent through tackled for a short gsln. making Nebraka'a first down with the ball on QrlnncU's ten yard line. Frum made two yards trough tackle. Kroger on the next play was sent through center for a touchdown. Blrkner failed to kick goal. Score: Nebraska 6; Orinnell, 6, Missed Try at Goal. zelgler kicked off to Cooke on Nebraska's ten yard line and the quarter brought It back twenty yards. Blrkner tore off five game before, yarus around rigni ena. un an on side kick the ball went to Grlnnell near tlu center of the field on Its side. Flanagai tried an end run around left wing but falle to make any distance. Bafr en a fake foi ward pass went through center for fort yards. Several of his team mates wer behind him and carried him on down tl field until it seemed that Nebraska wou never be able to stop them. Grlnnell w4 offside and was penalised five yards. Be sral other attempt to gain failed, ai Bair attempted to place kick from t thirty yard line. It barely missed th u rights, sailing to the left. Beltser kicked out from the twsnty.fi yard line over Bair and Nebraska got t ball. On aeveral plays through gusrds a tackle Nebraska took the ball to center Ifiald. Here Blrkner pun'avi and We fumbled the ball. It was Nebraska' b on GrtnneU's fifteen yard line, Frum and Kroger ploughed up the vlsf or's line on two plsys and placed the Li on the two yard line. Blrkner was e over for the second touchdown for l Cornhuskers. Kroger kicked goal. Sco Nebraska, 11; Orinnell, E. Beltser kicked off to Doos, who rutun It five yards. Qrlnnoll was forced to pu Cook on the first play after Nebraska cured th ball went down the field evading tacklcrs for forty yards. Tho rooters were on their feet frantically cheering. Cooke was hurt. On the next play Beltser sent a short onstde kick to Harvey at Qrln nell's tlfteen-yard line. Harvey caught the ball and was carried over for another touchdown. In kicking out from back of the goal line Harvey failed to make a fair catch. Score: Nebraska, IS; Orinnell, 5. Time was up. Both teams began the second half with their lineup intact. Blrkner kicked off for Nebraska. It went over the goal line and wa declared a touchback. Zelgler kicked out from the twenty-five yard line. Cooke caught the ball and failed to gain. Ne braska mado a little distance on a forward pass. The ball was lost to Grlnnell on the next play. Turner made twenty-five yarda on a triple forward pass from Bair to Wells to Turner. Tomple went In for Beltser. Bair mado five yards through tackls. Tho triple pass waa worked again- for twenty yards. On an onslde kick the ball wen to Nebraska. Chaloupka and Blrkner on run made thirty yards. Nebraska lost the ball on downs.. Turner went around left wing for fifteen yards. Qrlnntll hers kicked out of bound on an onslde kick. Blrkner got the ball. -n ena runs ana plays through tacklu Nebraska carried the ball to Grinnell's twenty-five yard line. Here Kroger fell back for a place kick and ent the ball over the crossbar. Score: Nebraska, 20; GrinneN. .