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Nebraska 43
Doane 0

Oct. 3, 1908

Nebraska dominates Doane, 43-0, but the Omaha Bee observed that "brilliant football" was mostly lacking.


Omaha Bee

Sunday, Oct. 4, 1908

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02doane08 (157K)
DOANE EASY FOR NEBRASKA Cornhniker Play ShOWl Improvement Over Peru Game. I STILL INCLINED TO BE SLOW gabatltate for Nebraska In Second Half Do Better In Some llesaeets Than the Iteanlara In tho First. LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 3.-(Speclal Tele gram.) Nebraska found Doane to bo easy this afternoon, and won the second game of tho season by a score of 43 to 0. Tho Cornhuskers played a strong game on the defense, but their offensive .play was ranged. It was only at the opening of the game and at Infrequent Intervals during the contest that they displayed flashes of brilliant foot ball. Several fumbles and poor head-work kept down the score on the Nebraska side. The Doane line was no problem for the Cornhuskers and they made gains at their will, sut the Nebraska players chose to use the open game and resorted constantly to end runs and forward passes. The pass waa worked several times In the second half for long gains, and Nebraska lost ground on It only twice during the game. The Doane ends could not stop the plays directed at their wings, and the Cornhuck ers made good gains repeatedly around them. The visitors put up a better defen sive game than had been looked for. end during the second half were able to get through the Nebraska line, which was com posed of several substitutes, and break up the Cornhuskers play. They, however, found the Nebraska line a stone wall when they ware playing on the offense, and did not once make their distance through It. Nebraska's main weakness was in the fre quent fumbling and the failure to see open ings where the players could have ad vanced with the ball for long gains. The same slowness In getting off-plays that was noticeable In the Peru game again characterized the play of the Cornhuskers, although it was not as marked as a week ago. A bunch of substitutes was In the Ne braska lineup in tha second half and sue- fAA In maklnr mnn nrwtnta imlnal jh vmiiui vut&u ma icKuiHrn unu uuuc hi mc opening half. Sabatitntes Show Ip Well. The time, of each half was 20 minutes. Doana found the defense of the substitutes was as strong as that of the regulars and tried to make galna through the line, but rauea to mane necessary distance at any time. Cooke was In the game for the Field Judge: Cornell. Head linesman: Pln Cornhuskers In the second half and made n?' To"ohd?wnBJ .Bl?!tzer . Kroger. , uuio .prtiatuiai runo. uno nieoo for fifty yeards, and another was for sixty yards, and resulted in a touchdown. This touchdown was not allowed by the referee. who held that the quarterback had not run five yards iitralght out from tha place where he received the ball. Every time Cooke was given the ball to carry he made long gains. His work as quarterback Jn running the team was better than last sea son. Harte, playing at right tackle for the Cornhuskers in the second half, did some brilliant work that had not been expected I of him. Ha was given the ball to carry on several occasions and ran sown the field, warding the tacklers until three or four I men had to get a hold of him to stop his progress. Nebraska started out In the i,..ie ...hi. . . jt ,, I v,Fr....,B ...... " rooters to expect a large score, but the fast nlnvino- waa soon drnnned and the e-ama was carried nn In a .low fa.hinn. 7 .. . . . . . 7 me rirst touchdown was mine in one mm- uto and a half of maw but It took much longer to get the other points In the first alf, Doane Daaaerons Once. The sroal line of the Cornhuskers wsa r..l Hn.- n rtiirluT th. flr.t l.lf Hlrkner. nn Nehraaka's fortv-vard line. rled a mint, which was blocked bv Grlf- flths of Doane. The ball bounded back toward the Cornhusker goal and two Doane men after it with the Cornhusker players following; ' them. Rlaht Guard Bronson secured the ball but fumbled It. and before he could o:et un to run tha ten ards to the Nebraska goal Cooke was on him. saving Nebraska from belna- scored airalnst. Krosrer kicked six roals from touchdowns for Nebraska, maklnar all he attempted. Captain Harvey won the toss and choose to defend the east goal. Blrkner kicked great Philadelphia player. liy nis scniev off for Nebraska to Doane's forty-five- ment. Lamed equalled the record of Bob yard line. Doane failed to gain and was forced to kick. Cooke got the ball on the thirty-yard line. Blrkner and Frum made several long gains through left tackle and guard, taking the ball to tha Doane's tan-yard line, where Kroger on the next play wont over for a touchdown. This was made in one minute and a half of play. HHrvey missed goal. Score: Ne- braska, 5: Doane, 0. Arnold kicked off for Doane to Ne- braska's thirty-yard line. Chuloupka and Kroger each made fifteen yards through left tackle and guard. Blrkner, on a run around left end, mado twenty-five yards, A forward pass from Cooke to Harvey netted fifteen yards more. On repeated attacks at left guard and tackle, Kroger and Blrkner carried the ball to within two feet of Doane's goal. Bcltxer on the next play went over for the second touchdown. Kroger kicked goal. Score: Nebraska, 11; Doane, 0. Cooke Makes Great Ran. Doane again kicked off and Nebraska soon had the ball down to the forty yard line. Hera Cooke made a fifty yard run around left end. On several gains through both tackles by Kroger and Chaloupka, No braska took the ball to Doane's threa yard line. Hero Nebraska lost the ball on a fumble. Heartwell tried a kick, which waa blocked. Ha fell on the ball, but Harvey was en top of him, scoring a safety for the Cornhuskers. Score: Nebraska, 13; Doane, 0. After the next klckoff by Doane, when the ball had been taken to Doane's thirty yard line on epd runs end line blunges, Bellser ran thirty yards arouu left end for a touchdown. Kroger kicked goal. Score: Nebraska, 1; Doane, 0. Doana kicked off again. Nebraska, on several gains by Blrkner and Chaloupke, iook me nan io ine finy yarn line. uooKe. on a sixiy-rive yara run arouna lert end, maae a loucnuown, oui ine reieree caned him back and penalised Nebraska fifteen jama. V.UUH imu uui run uui uvv arasi to the left from where he received the ball. Bcltxer kicked to Johnson, who returned the ball ten yards. Rathbone. through tackle, made ten yards. Blrkner tried to punt, dui mc oan was Diocaea oy unriuns and rolled bock toward the Nebraska goal line and Bronson of Doane waa after It. It looked as though Doane was going to score. Bronson fumbled the ball, finally fulling un It. and Harte was on top of him before he could get away. Time waa up for the first half soon after, with the ball In Doane's possession on Ne braska's fifteen-yard Hue. Second Half. Luke kicked off for Doane in tha second half. Several changes had been made In the Cornhusker lineup. Bentley waa In at quarter lor looks ana returned me ball on the klckoff twenty-five yards. On a fumble Nebraska lot the ball. Doane could nut gain and was forced to punt, kkk ".... tZVl ,h" on Nf- Harta made a sixty-yard run around Wt end. hut ("until In Ilarvev fouled a Doane player In Interfering for Harte, and the ball waa brought bark to Nebraska's fntty-flvc- yard line. A few more plays netted Ne braska thirty ysrds. The bsll went to Soane on a fumble. Johnson of Donne then fumbled and Nebraska got tho ball on Donna's thirty-yard line. Bturtsenegger, on a play through lott tackle, went over for another touchdown. Kroger kicked goal. Score: Nebraska. 2R; Do.iiie, 0. The next touchdown came after a minute and a half of rlny. End runs by Ilarte and Rathbone took the ball from Ne braska's thirty-yard line to the cenler of the field. Kroger kicked to Doane's twenty- yar(I ,!np- Heartwell was after the ball for Doane, but Frum bothered him and Sturti enegger got the ball as It went over the goal line and made a touchdown. Score: Nebraska, 31; Doane, 0. Doane Forced to Kick. Arnold kicked off for Doano. Frum re turned the ball fifteen yards. I,uko went through center and blocked a kick. Dutch made five yards for Doane through left tackle. The ball went to the Cornhuskers on downs. Ilarte, on a run around left end. made twenty-five yards. Slaughter went In for Arnold. A fumble gave Doane the ball on their forty-yard line. Bentley waa ahlfted to end ior Harvey and Haskell took his pluce at quarter. Doane was forced to kick and the ball went to the thirty-yard line. Nebraska soon carried the ball to Doane's forty-line line, where Haskell made a run for a touchdown. Kroger kicked goal. Score: Nebraska, 37; Doane, g. Bentley returned tho ball fifteen yards on the next klckoff. Slaughter nnd Bent- ley gained several yards on long end runs. A forward pass to Haskell struck Bturtzencgger and Nebraska retained the ball. Bentley made a gain on a run around right end. Kroger tried a drop kick and failed. After the ball waa kicked out from Doane'a twenty-five-yard line Kroger and Bentley worked the forward pass for two good gains. Dickinson went in for Heartwell. Elliott went In for Col lins. Bturtsenegger took the ball over for touchdown from a forward pass and time was up. Score; Nebraska, 43; Doane, 0. The lineup: NEBRASKA. I IE IL.E. DOANE. Johnson, Krogar. Korab Frum ur. L.T....McCluni. Griffitl.a L.O Spencer C Luke R.Q Rroncoi R.T Horning R E Arnull I Q B John-on R.H DuUh, Halbert Colllna, Klllott.... Harte, gtionka R G Chalonpkl, Hart.. . . . R f narror, H.nti.y K.fc. Cook. Bentley, Haakall O B. Blrkner, Arnold, Klauuhter R.H k; -r:u ?:S:;.nP"Z:,wiTdii Rtltaer, Rathbon. L.H L.H.. Heart well, Orlffi-.ln Referee: Stevens. TJmnlre: Clevenavr nirurancgger t;i), HasKeii. lieais from toucn downs: Kroger, . Time of halves: 0:20.