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St. Louis 34
Nebraska 0

Nov. 28, 1907
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NOTE: St. Louis was independent, even though
the wording of this article might make
it seem the school was a member of the
Missouri Valley Conference.

ST LOUIS GAINS TITLE DEFEATS NEBRASKA UNIVERSITY TEAM BY SCORE OF 34 TO 0. MISSOURI VALLEY CHAMPIONS Losers Take Magnificent Brace In First Half and Get Close to Rivals' Line Cornhuskers' Defense Proves Surprisingly Weak.- Bt. . . Louis , Nov. 29. Swept off their o t by superior strength and a varied and' well executed attack , but game until the final blow of the refureo's whistle , the Nebraska university footmil team was defeated here by St- .outs . - university In the presence o ( icarly 110,000 spectators by the lopsided � scoreof 34 to 0. It was St- .Louis' . flrst game with Nebraska and was, moreover, to dcotdo the chainlonshlp - ) of the Missouri valley, and he St. Louis men celebrated it by making four touchdowns in the first mlf and two in the second. Ackerrnlased two attempts to kick goals rein touchdowns. Except for one brlof period , tha game was St. Louis' all the way. The 3t. Louis backs tore great holes hiNebraska's line and took full ndvanage of the openings in ado for them > y their linemen. Nebraska's defense proved surprisingly weak- .Nebraska's . only opportunity to prevent � a shut out came In the flrst half, when It took a magniflcont brace and carried the ball from the oentcr of the field to St. Louts' one-yard line , assisted � by a forward pass for thirty yards, Weller to Johnson. With only i yard to go and two downs to make it, it seamed certain that Nebraska would scoro. A smaah at the right side of the line failed to gain, as did Weller'B attempt at the other side , and the ball wont to St. Louis four Inches from Its goal line- .Chaloupka . , Nebraska's right tackle , sustained n broken wrist shortly after the game started and Harto was shifted from guard to tackle and Perrln - went In at guard. But one incident tended to mar an otherwise cleanly played game, and that was the removal of Brennan , St- .Louis' . right tackle , early In the flrst half, on a charge of slugging. It was nronnan's last Intercollegiate- game and he sobbed as he was led to the side lines by members of the toai . Depow took his place. Free Football at Plttaburg- .Plttsburg . , Nov. 28. Free colloglata football was Inaugurated here when the Lahlgh university team and the eleven fiom the famegle technical schools played at Schenloy park before � a crowd' estimated at 25,000 per� sons. Never before In this country , Itis said , has thera been such a contest waged to which no admission was charged or Invitation necessary to see the game. Lohlgh won. Three Injured In Football Game. Philadelphia , Nov. 29. Three men are In a hospital here suffering from severe Injuries received in a football game between Whitehall and Brides burg. They are : Walter Eckly, concussion � of the brain ; F. W. Swatz dislocated shoulder and collarbone ; Hugh Luohman , dislocated collarbone They were members of the Brldesburg team , and Whitehall won the game.- Mornlntjsldo .