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Colorado 6
Nebraska 0

Oct. 8, 1904

Nebraska rolled up 240 yards to Colorado’s 90, but it didn’t matter on the scoreboard as CU prevailed, 6-0, and snapped Nebraska’s 24-game winning streak.

The only touchdown came after Maurice Benedict, captain and quarterback of the visiting Cornhuskers, fumbled the ball on a punt return in the early stages of the first half. Colorado recovered and drove 30 yards for the score, with halfback Elwin Caley scoring the five-point touchdown and adding the one-point conversion kick. (Some of these details conflict with Cy Sherman's recollections of the game in 1931.)

Nebraska had three forays inside the Colorado 10-yard line during the game but came up empty each time.

Nebraska coach Bummy Booth said the Cornhuskers were affected by the high altitude. The Omaha World-Herald said two Cornhuskers required hospital treatment after the game, including fullback Cy Mason, who "played all through the game in a half-conscious condition, due to the light air."

The night before the game, there was a dispute over the length of halves to be played. Nebraska wanted 25-minute halves because of the thin mountain air, while Colorado wanted 35 minutes. Thirty minutes was eventually agreed upon.

The last time the Cornhuskers had lost was on Nov. 2, 1901, against Wisconsin in Milwaukee. The streak stood as the longest in school history until 1995.


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03colorado04 (119K)
NEBRASKA SUFFERS DEFEATUnfortunate Fumble Gives Colorado University a Chance to Score.CORNHUSKERS EXCEL IN CARRYING BALLBenedict Also Outkicks His Opponent, but in Spite of the Dope Nebraska Loses he Game to Colorado.BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 8. (Special Tele gram.) The University of Nebraska today oustalned Its first reverse upon the grid iron sines the Comhuskers were defeated by the champion Wisconsin eleven in 1901. Today Nebraska went down In a gruelling struggle before Colorado university, the final score standing 6 to 0. But fortune truly smiled upon Colorado's banner, for Booth's pupils lugged the oval on straight football a distance of 240 yards, while Colo rado's efforts in the line of ground gaining netted only ninety yards. Benedict. Ne braska's punter, also outklcked his rival, while in returning punts the margin in Nebraska's favor was nearly four yards to one, yet In spite of this comparison, which Is all in Nebraska's favor, the! trophy of victory went to the mountaineers. A fumble by Captain Benedict In the early stage of the first half proved fatal to Nebraska's fortunes. Colorado punted end Benedict raced back ten yards before being downed. The force of the tackle drove the ball out of his arms and Into the clutches of a hungry opponent. 'Nebraska's goal at this juncture was only thirty yards away and the westerners put on full steam and directed a succession of plunges against the Nebraska line. The gains, although short, were persistent and did not end until Caley had been pushed through tr a touchdown. On the try at goal Caley booted the ball squarely between the posts. During the remainder of the struggle the play was in Colorado's territory practically" the entire time. Thrice the Cornhuskers fought their way Inside of Colorado's ten yard line, once advancing until the goal was only three yards away, but Nebraska could not batter through and over the line. The two teams were almost evenly matched on the score of weight. Ne braska's line was slightly heavier, but this advantage was counterbalanced by Colo rado's superiority In beef In the back field. In fact, the Colorado backs are entitled to most of the credit for the victory, for It was the sterling defense of the back field men which so persistently stopped Ne braska's advance when a touchdown seemed Inevitable. Bender Makes Only Long; Ran. Bender, Nebraska's whirlwind right half, Is credited with the only long sprint of the game. Swinging around Colorado's right end, with Benedict heading the Interfer ence, he cleared every mar. of tho Colo rado eleven, the full back atone excepted. Bender, ' howVver. was following Benedict too closely and when Caley plunged in front of the play troth Benedict and Bender were bowled to the ground. The line bucking of Glenn Mason, full back for the Cornhuskers, was almost a revelation, Colorado seldom being able to check him in his fierce plunge.!. Colorado's defense In stopping end runu was remark ably efficient and Captain Benedict found himself forced to rely almost entirely on charge." Into the line. Mason was used persistently on down after down until he reached the limit of human endurance, compelling a resort to other tactics in order that he might be given the chance to r.-v galn his waning strength. One of Mason's plunges, with Bender propelling him rom the rear, was not stopped ' until he had advanced tha ball upwards ef -twenty-five yards. . ' Nebraska suffered plainly from the quick transition to the rare atmosphere of the mountain state. The Cornhuskers were fagged early in the game and took time on almost every' down. Meanwhile tho Colo rado eleven, which had been pointed with tho Nebraska game especially in view, played with Bplendid dash and spirit and finished strong almost to the last man. There was a complete absence of rough play or wrangling and the Colorado stud ents gave a commendable show of true col lege spirit by cheering frequently for the visiting team. C'oloradoans Admit Contention. Tho controversy of last night over the length of the halves was compromised, each team waving a point, and an agreement was reported providing for thirty-minute halves. After the game a member of the Colorado faculty frankly admitted that the Colorado management had violated the pro prieties dictated by a strict 'regard for college sportsmanship by insisting upon full thirty-five-minute halves, saying that Nebraska's desire to play twenty-five min ute halves, on the ground that the high altitude was a. detriment to a team from the east, should have been assented to without controversy. He will head a move ment to secure a formal expression by the Colorado Athletic board of the error of its management in this regard. The lineup: NEBRASKA. COLORADO. Robertson R EL E Loavltt, SaUberK per R TIL T smith llorg, Richardson R CI L. O Roller J"1" ...Cc Hruesa Dart L ul R O.Karnopp, Chrlatlaneoa C. alaaon LilRT Colnn Johnson LEIRE Cavanauib Benedict (C) Q Big H Owena (C Bender R H Bib H B Caley Kuger, Penlon L HHIHH II Johnaton. Alien O. Mason r Bl F B Roberts Touchdown: Caley. Goal: Caley. Um pire: Thompson of Denver. Referee; Rls ley of Denver.