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Nebraska 72
Grand Island 0

Sept. 24, 1904

The Omaha World-Herald reported that Nebraska's reserves played the first half and built a 12-0 advantage. The first-teamers then took over and rolled up 60 more points in the second half. More details of the game against Grand Island College, the Cornhuskers' 1904 season opener, begin in the third paragraph of this Sept. 26 report in the Minneapolis Journal:

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01grandisland_MplsJournal (85K)
NEBRASKA WAS NEVER STRONGER True Line on the Cornhuskers Has Been Gained at Last. Special to The Journal.Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 26. Nebraska has the best football team in years, and never were rooters so confident. Several quasi correspondents who are on intimate terms with the coach and assistents have prepared "hard-luck dopo," but these doleful dispatches are utterly foreign to the feeling on the vaisity campus. The rooters are enthusiastic, and they will be greatly disappointed unless the team does business this fall.The cornhuskers are heavier than at any time in the history of varsity football. Mills will probably win out at center, and his avoirdupois is enormous. Borg will be in the game and several of the other candidates are far brawnier and weightier than the men last year.In the game with Grand Island Saturday, the cornhuskers showed up in excellent shape, and the score stood 72 to 0. Mills was solid at center. Bender distinguished himself by making a touchdown in the second half on a passed ball, in less than a minute after the klckoff. He is speedier than ever this year, and he will be coached for sensational runs.Barta played left guard. He soon tired and did not show his usual endurance. Lundln and Mason were tried at left tackle. Richardson and Borg were tried at right guard, and this position will ultimately fall to Borg. The latter is disappointed and chagrined as a result of the Chicago incident, and he is not doing his customary work on the giidiron.Munn and Robertson were lined up at right tackle, with Standeven for right end and John son for left end. The latter did commendable work thruout the game. Barwlck and Benedict were the quarterbacks, and the position will ultimately fall to the captain.Schmitt and Eager were at left half and the former will make a spirited contest for the place. He is a heady player and is swift on his feet. Marsh and Bender were at right half, and there Bender will be stationed to make spectacular dashes. Weller and G. Mason were tried at fullback.A dummy will be rigged up this week and tackling stunts will be indulged in. Never was the team so adept in goal kicking. The pig skin was sent squarely between the posts at every trial Saturday. Punting is the weak point and Coach Booth is almost discouraged over the failure of the cornhuskeis in the kicking line. During this week some available man will be singled out and carefully trained in the punting stunt.