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Big Nine rejects Nebraska and Notre Dame
Omaha Bee | Sunday, Nov. 29, 1903

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GOSSIP FROM THE GRIDIRONNebraska is Again Denied Admittance to the Big Nine ConferenceMerit of the Cornhuskers admittedUnquestioned Worth of the Team Proved by its aunbroken string of Victories for Two Consecutive SeasonsAt the meeting of the faculty repre sentatives of the "big nine" colleges, held at Chicago on Friday, the main topic for consideration was Superintendent Cooley' communication regarding high school ath letics, and a discussion of th application of Nebraska and Notre Dame for admis sion to the conference. The application of both colleges were refused. Nebraska's for the second time, on the ground pre viously taken in 1899 and last spring, that admission of additional universities would make the conference unwieldly and that It should stick to the original number, leav ing other colleges to form similar groups or associations. The members of the conference stated explicitly that the matter was not decided on the basis of merit of either applicant, that queetion not being brought up at all. Reviewing the action of the board at this time It seems that If Nebraska had been tho only bidder for a place on the "big nine" It would have stood a better chance of securing admission. R. G. Clapp, physi cal director at Nebraska, says there has been some talk of forming another group to be composed of Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas and some other states, but even If this were done It la doubtful whether Nebraska .will Join, as It Is still hoped to secure admission to the "big nine" at some future date. A review of the work of the Nebraska eleven during the past two years, makes it certain that Nebraska has earned a place if ever that place was earned by any team on Its individual merit, and the refusal of the "big nine" to give the Corn- huskers a place is 'rather arbltrsry and shabby treatment. The record of the Nebraska team for the past season has been a series of vic tories, as shown by the following: Nebraska M Grand Island 0 Nebraska 23 South Dakota ....... 0 Nebraska 10 Denver 0 Nebraska 11 Haskell 0 Nebraska 31 Colorado 0 Nebraska ...17 Iowa 6 Nebraska S3 Knox , 5 Nebraska 6 Kansas 0 Nebraska 53 Kellevue 0 Nebraska 16 Illinois 0 Totals 2CS Totals 11 In two seasons Nebrasks has been scored on but twice, the, total of points regis tered against the Cornhuskers being but 11. No other team In existence can point to such a .record. "Big nine" teams that have bowed to the Cornhuskers Include Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois and Knox.