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Nebraska 10
Denver 0

Oct. 10, 1903


In the Omaha Bee report below, Nebraska was said to enjoy a yardage advantage of 385 to 15 in its win at Denver. The Omaha World-Herald, however, put the numbers at 25 to 15.



Omaha Bee | Sunday, Oct. 11, 1903


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CORNHUSKERS SHOW STRONGScore Does Not Fairly Indicate Superiority Over Denver. OPPONENTS ONLY GIVEN FIFTEEN YARDS Light Back ' af Wefcraska Plans TareaB Da Ma at-- Wilt fa tealr Gaiae e DENVER, Colo., Oct. Special Telegram .) The Nebraska Cornhnskers defeated Denver university at football with ridiculous esse today, although the final score of 10 to 0 In Nebraska's favor fails utterly to depict the superiority of the victors. Nebrsska's" taint 'was kept down by a combination of distressing bad luck. Tha aand and gravel, upon which th grid-- Iron waa laid balked Booth'a puplla In their Droaram of eklrtlna the ends and line plungea or tackle masses of necessity bS' cam their only resort. At thla, however. they war . strikingly aucceaaful and summary of the gain made by the two leama dlacloaea that the Cornhuakera ad vanced the ball a tolal of 1SS yards, while Denver could carry It only fifteen yarda. A aerie of aggravating fumblea figured largely in Nebraska' failure to pile up a heavier acor. Frequently the Cornhusker backs plunged through or around their ,op ponenta' Una for galne totaling upwards of fifty yarda, but a provoking fumble and gav ty Denver the coveted oval. Once Bender, Nebraska's fleet-footed captain, outwitted tha westerner and on a double pas broke around the end. The Held waa deaf of Denver taeklere, but HIfortun was again Nebraska's lot for Bender lost hi footing In the aand and the ball slipped out of hla trail. Bender could only limp during the entir gam, hla sprained ankle cheating Nebraska of the services of It moat brilliant player. He dlsoiayed splendid pluck, however, and kept at hla taak to th finish. Tha two teams were practically even on th score of avoirdupois. Nebraaka'a ad vantage being in th line and Denver' in th back field. The work of Nebraaka'a light backa, however, waa strikingly brl! Ilant they hurdled the Denver line er bucked through It with demonlike fierce newe, Eager, Benedict and Bell plunging along a If propelled by battering rama. Man Play for Tsackiawn. Inside th twenty-fl- v yard line, where Nebraska only twice Intruded, maaa plays were called into action. The Nebraska end were pulled back and revolving masses on' the Denver tacklea carried the ball --steadily forward and across the goal. Bender missed hi first attempt to kick goal, while an effort by Benedict to punt but for a f re catch failed of it intent. VhUe Nebraska wa suffering heavily as th result of fumbles, Denver, by a strange manifestation q ate. waa actually profiting. Twice ith Denver backs dropped the ball, and although it rolled forward ten to fifteen yards', some Denverlt waa lucky enough "to --clutch it and retain It .for his team. Denver failed miserably in ita effort to advance the ball. The Nebraaka line held firmly on every assault, and but one during 1he centeet were the westerner able to keep the ball on downa. The Cornhuakera' forward plunged through on almost every play, and time after time the ' Denver back were hurled back for losses. Stuart for Denver and Benedict for Nebraaka both punted In fine form. The Denver kicker had a very slight advantage, but while hla booting netted a few yarda more on the total, the' Nebraska backs excelled In returning th ball,, frequently sprinting back twenty yarda-pn- -- puntbeftlrr being downed. Wilson and ' Kenton, the Cornhusker nda aped, down th field on Benedict' punt and Invariably downed the run-B- ar in hi tracks. ,.. Jtnlttr ,fraa. Heat. Both teams suffered severely because of th excessive heat, because of - which ' Coantvna oeth and Griffith agreed on short halves of twenty'ftv and twenty minutes. The rare atmosphere also militated against th Cornhusker and time was frequently taken to permit the Nebraskans to mend their bellow. On th acore of penalties, Nebraska suffered the more. .Three time tha Cornhusker ,wer penalised for off-ai- d play, while two .Infractions on the am aocount were charged up to Denver. Th gam, however, waa unusually free from holding or play and' th spirit of cordial good fellowship that prevailed during1 the play was manifested by a goner! handshaking at th olubhous at th does of th gam,, la which all of th playsr participated. Th attendance was a disappointment to tha manager of both teams, lee than 1,000 person occupying aata la th stand. Denver ha a rather larg contingent at former Nebraska cl tinea, many of whom witnessed th gam and joined heartily In th Nebraaka yell, th team Hn4, up follows;