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Nebraska 16, Kansas 0  |  Nov. 8, 1902
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CORNHUSKERS BLANK KANSAS. Bender's Thirty Yard Run the Only Exciting Feature. LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. B.�The University of Nebraska defeated the University of Kansas today, 16 to 0. A thirty yard run for a touchdown by Bender on a fake kick was the feature. The lineup: Nebraska. Position. Kansas. Cortelyou R. E Hicks Westover R. T Etchen Hunter.., R. G Allen Berg C Thornberry Ringer L. G.. .Vincent (capt.) Mason L. T Brumage Thorpe, Pollmer L. E 'Algie Benedict Q Pooler Bender R. H Yeo Bell L. H Read Mickel F LoveNebraska Beats Kansas. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 10.�Final score: Nebraska 16.. K a n s a s 0. In the first half Kansas kicked off w i th the wind in their favor, sending the ball Jo the-twenty-flve-yard line. Nebraska immediately/.instituted an onslaught on the'^ JKaiisa*; line.-., :'.Thfc, jayhawker s resist-, ed dgsiieiEately 1 * and held thle c o m h u s k e r s to short game . "'Slowly the ball w a s worked toward the Kansas goal. : Nebraska gained by close formation and revolvi n g m a ss on tackle. Bell and Bender, the Nebraska halfbacks, plunging down the field for distanaces varying from two to five yards. Englehart, the Nebraska fullback, occasionally' pierced the Kansa s line on straight bucks on the five-yard line after the down w a s called. Etchon of K a n s a s stole the ball out of. Engiehart's hands and raced the entire length of the field for a touchdown. Referee Clark, however, called t h e ball back, gave it to Nebraska, a n d - in t wo more plunges Englehart w a s over for the first touchdown. Benedict kicked goal. Score, Nebraska. 6, K a n s a s 0. The halves wer e only twenty-five minutes, and during the remainder of the first half Nebraska carried'the ball eighty yards on straight tactics, only to lose the oval on a fumble on the K a n s a s flfteenyar4 line. K a n s a s punted forty yards on the* first down, and Bender made a sensa - tional, return for twenty-five yards. Tim� w a s called a t this juncture. The-line-up: '. Nebraska. Thorpe.. Mason, Wilson. Ringer Borg Hunter Westover . . . . . Cortelyou .'.... Benedict, r . Bell left half , . Read Bender . .right half Yeo Englehart, Mick el fullback... ..Love. Mosher Score�Nebraska, 16; Kansas 0.- Touchdown �Bender. Englehart, Goal�Benedict. Goal from Field�Benedict. "Referee�Henry Clarke, of Omaha. :. Umpire�Walter Kennedy, .of Chicago. Time of Halves�-Tyenty-five minutes.