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Nebraska 5
Kirksville Osteopaths 0

Sept. 28, 1901 -- Kirksville, MO

Nebraska prevailed by a smaller-than-expected margin and was miffed by the excessive crowd noise. Below are accounts from the Omaha Bee and the Minneapolis Journal.


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NEBRASKA DEFEATS DOCTORS Captnln Westnver's Tenm Scores One Tnnehftovrn Attains! thn Osteopaths, KIRKSVILLE, Mo Sopt. 28. (Special Telegram.) The University of Nebraska foot ball team won tho game bore this nftornoon with the Klrksvtllo Osteopathy school, B to 0. The small score Is by no CCHKN DVKK'S I) UK A 31 HOOK AM) FOHTU.VC Y FHEE. means Indicative of tlu superior quality of foot ball. The Nebraska team playjJ well In comparison to Us adversaries. At no time wns the ball dangerously near Ne braska's goal, the closest being on their twenty-flvc-yard line, nnd this but once during the game. The splendid work of the Osteopath team surprised the Ncbraskam, who expected to score at least four touchdowns. Nebraska was outweighed at least fifteen pounds to the man. Resides this handicap the men wero compelled to work nt great disadvan tage by the Klrksvllle rooters, who, armed with huge megaphones, made so much noise that Nebraska's quarterback had to whisper the signals to each In dividual player nnd tho team was pre vented from playing the fast ball that has heretofore charaeterlied Its work, ToticltiliMvn III Ten Minutes. Tho touchdown was mado after ten min utes' play In tho first half. Klrksvllle kicked off to Nebraska's ten-yard line. Ne braska returned tho ball ten yards nnd then punted to Klrksvllle's fifteen-yard line. By hnrd lino bucks the ball was forced slowly back to Nebraska's thirty-live-yard line, whero Nebraska was given the ball on downs, Long end runs by Crnndnll nnd Bender, a mnss on tnckle by Kingsbury and plunges by Bender put the ball over for a touch down. Westovcr failed to kick goal. Klrks vllle's gains were mndo mainly through tho line, those being directed between tackle nud end on both sides of the line being particularly effective, whllo slight gains wero made through center. Ne braska's ends wero strong and no long runs were mado around them, nlthough several end bucks netted the bonerubbcrs small gains. Nebraska's gains were mado mostly on long end runs by Crandall and Render, while their new tackleback forma tion was always good for a few yards. The length of tho halves, which was but twenty minutes, doubtless prevented Ne braska running up a large score. At the end of both the llrst and second half tho ball was on Klrksvllle's ten-yard line and could havo been pushed over easily had thoro been a few minutes more to play. Ilnlh I'leiised tilth Tenm'n Work. Coach Booth of Nebraska, when seen after tho game, said: "They gave us a much harder gamo than we expected, but It did our follows good, for I think they learned more by It than they would havo had It been nn easier ono. Considering the fact that the team has been lining up for but n single week the showing was as good ns could be expected when ono considers the strength of tho opposing oloven. Tho Osteopaths havo a hard plunging backfleld which tore our mlnlaturo defense to pieces and whllo our offense, though brilliant at times, wns not good for steady and con sistent gnmes. Thero wns too much wrang ling nnd tho megaphone rooters made It Impossible to play tho fast ball that the team has been showing up In practice. Ono thing I can say with a good deal of satisfaction and ono that will bo tho best means for our friends to got a lino on tho team, and thnt Is, that It Is bettor In overy way than that of last season nnd with hard practice to bo given during the next two weeks 1 feel contldent that wo will bo able to mako a most gratifying showing against Minnesota. Wo nro somewhat handicapped this year by tho lack of substitutes. Our lineup hero today Includes practically the entire personnel of tho -team. Whether any deslrablo ones will bo mndo out ot tho material now being worked Into shapo at tho university Is hard to tell, but tho outlook Is not premising." Lineup: NEBRASKA 5. O-KIRKSVILLE. Cortelyou right end Davis Westover (C)... . right tacklo Cain Brow right guard Turner Koehler center Crabtree Mnlonoy left guard Cleary Stringer left tacklo Crnlg Slieild lert end Illlnskl Drain quarterback Johnson Bender right half back.. Vandoren (C) Crandnll left halfback Blusbv Klneubury fullbnck Crowley