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Nebraska 24
Tarkio 0

Oct. 15, 1898

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Omaha Bee

Sunday, Oct. 16, 1898

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NEBRASKA DEFEATS TARKIO Downs the Missouri Kickers by a Score of 24 to 0. ANTELOPERS PUT UP A VERY STIFF GAME Mm from ( lie l.nml of ( InIlle lied Al > i li- Arc 1'nulilv to AVItliNtniul ( lie OimlniiKht on Their l.liim , LINCOLN , Oct. 13. ( Special Telegram. ) The university team defeated Tarklo Col lege team on the home grounds by a score of 24 to 0. For Nebraska Klugsbury , Tur ner , Benedict and Erwin played a splendid game. Cowglll made a punt which netted sixty yards for the ' % 'arslty. From the start the game was played with vim and dash. The line-up was as follows : Nebraska. Position. Tarklo. Melford center Clauson Turner right guard Iluupt Gilbert left guard Porter Klngsbury right tackle Kastern Plllsbiiry left tackle.Palmer llrower right end C. Waugh Follmer left end Hall Cowglll quarterback Davidson Benedict right halfback Gibson William left halfback F. Wimgh Erwin fullback Nlcoll Nebraska won the toss and chose south goal with wind in their favor. Tarkio kicks thirty-five yards and Erwin returns by a punt of forty-five yards. Tarklo falls to re gain any of the distance and Is forced to kick. Cowglll receives the ball and returns five yards. Denedlct gains five yards on left tackle and Erwin follows up by a gain of four yards on right tackle. Klngsbury makes a touchdown after four minutes' play ing and Melford kicks goal. Score 6 0. Tarklo kicks forty yards and Cowglll re turns the ball 'by ' a punt. Kicking sixty yards. Tarklo's fullback fumbles the boll and Kingsbury drops on it. Benedict then gains ten yards on left tackle and Erwin and Williams follow it up by a gain ot four yards. Erwin makes a touchdown and Mel ford kicks goal. Score 12 0. Tarklo tries a trick play on the kick off and Kingsbury downs the ball. Cowglll kicks fifty yards and Tarklo falls to regain any of the distance. Tarklo is then forced to a kick which Cowglll receives nnd re turns ten yards. Williams and Klngsbury both make large gains and It becomes evi dent that Nebraska has the better ot the ame. By a series ot plunges on right and eft tackle Nebraska nets good gains and Eastern does eomo good defensive work. Cingsbury makes a run ot fifteen yards round the left end , Erwin makes touch down. Score 18 0. Erwin returns Tarklo's kick-off by a punt f forty yards. Tarkio makes small gains ut IB held for third down and forced to Ick. Erwtn returns a punt. Waugh gains ivo yards on right end and is then forced o give up the ball on downs. Nebraska makes small gains and time Is called for the first half. Score 18 0. Second half Nebraska kicks oft forty ards. Tarklo returns fifteen yards. Tarklc s playing better ball. Tarklo gains two , .hree , three , flvo yards on line plunges , 'arklo ' goes round left end for five yards , hen three yards on right end. Eastern gains fifteen yards for Tarklo. Tarkio is given five yards for off sldo play by Ne braska. Tarklo gains two yards , then Cow glll tackled F. Waugh for three yards' loss and the ball goes to Nebraska. William ! gains ono yard. Benedict gains five yard ! round left end. Erwin gains five yards , Klngsbury gains two yards and Erwin one ard. Cowglll plays a quarterback kick and Follmcr regains ball. Nebraska loses foui yards by a tackle by Eastern , Cowglll re gains ball on center kick. Turner galm hrco yards , Erwin gains five yards , Bene dict gains five yards on left tackle. Tarkic s given the ball on an off side play bj Nebraska. Tarklo loses two yards by tackle : acklo by Plllsbury , Tarklo kicks and Tur ner blocks and falls on ball. Plllsbury gain : flvo yards , Erwin two yards. Turner scores a touchdown through center. Score 24 0. Tarklo kicks ten yards on kick-off am Nebraska makes steady gains by a serlei of line plays , butt loses the ball on off sldi play. Tarklo left halt gains flvo yard : around right end and Eastern retires fron the game , Ranklns filling bis position. Tur ner tackles Tarklo's right halt hard am time for second halt is called. Score : 24-0 Touchdowns , Klngsbury , 1 ; Erwin , 2 Turner , 1. Referee , F. Cornell of Lincoln Umpire , Cater of Tarklo. Tlmesmcn , Wil < son of Northwestern and Hopple of No' braska Wealeyan.