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Nebraska 6, Iowa 0

Nov. 25, 1897
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CHAMPIONS AGAINNebraska Hoada tin Procession in Western Toot Ball Circles. OLD SCORE WITH IOWA IS MADE EVEN Wagonhurst's Mon Beaten in a Contest Both Oloso and Olcan.- HAWKEYE'S . ' REMARKABLE DEFENSIVE PLAY Desperate Stand Oloso to Goal Made Time After Time.- BENEDICT'S . RUN GETS THE ONLY SCORE Thirty-rivo Yards Through the Line for a Solitary Touchdown. NEBRASKA SURPRISED AT RESISTANCE SiiHiircti'il Snap 1'rorcn the Hardest l'roi ltloii .SonrlcM a nil Crrnm llu- Kncomitcrril During the I'rcxiMit Sunnoii. * .Vchrntikii , lj Ion a , n. Six to nothing ! Champions again , and not the shadow of defeat to mar the record ot 1897. No wonder tbo Nebraska boys wcro happy last night. And the old red lantern hangs high In the belfry. Upon the muddy , miry , sticky gridiron on the Field Club grounds In Council Bluffa yesterday afternoon the yellow-backed football eleven of the University of Iowa went down it , glorious defeat ibefore their redswcaterod - foemen from the University ot Nebraska In ono bt the cleanest and hardest fought contests ever seen In this suction ot the country and by the narrow margin of sir points to nothing. This touchdown and the goal that followed � declares that the Nebraska lads are the better of the two aggregations , but It ia questionable whether any uonpartlsan spec * tater of the great game will bu willing to admit that the victory It beyond dispute oven with the score before bis eyes. To the lowan that touchdown may be easily construed � as a gift of luck. To him who looked upon It as it was being made with Impartial eyes It waa the result of the quickneos of Benedict , the hero of the Nebraska team , to seize an unexpected opportunity and ofaa oversight on the part ot the lowans. This oversight , or bit ot carelessness , was the only defect In the most marvelous defensive � game that has eve.1 been exhibited by any foot bill eleven In this "section '"oT the country. Again and again the red representatives � of the prairie state gathered together � their strength and forced their yellowbacked � opponents back and back Into their territory until it seemed that a touchdown � must bo the result. Back and back the lowans would go until their five-yard line wculJ ha reached. In this, thnir last ditch , they would always make their stand and with tiger-like ferocity would rupcl the savage attacks upon their line. Again and again at this danger point they held the Nebraskans to a standstill , secured tha ball ou downs and quickly kicked It back ,to thu center of the field und out ofdanzur. . BENEDICT'S GREAT PLAY. There fate came when It did not seem tobe Impending. The Nubraskans had the ball and were slowly forcing It down the field , but It was on the ihlrty-flvo-ysnl line. When thn ball was parsed to Benedict not one of the spectators looked for more than a two or three yard gain. Benedict dashed toward the left side of his line and stooped against a stone wall of.Io.su. brawn an muscle. Ha struggled and plunged , but could not gain ''in Inch- .Taen . right by his side there opened and yawned a big hole between right tackle and end. From this hole to the goal there waaan absolutely clear field. All the lowana were In front or In the rear ot him to stop his progreEs. For an Inttant the halfback hesitated and then the opportunity flashed , upon him. Through the hole ho slipped and down the field ho lied along the side line , thirty-five yards to a touchdo-nu. Ho was ten yards away before hU action was noticed � by ills opponents and although they went at once In pursuit r. t one of them touched him until be vui- Behind goalposts with tbe bell zafcly i..cked away beneath � bis arm- .Pandemonium . broke loose upon the fleld. The Nebraskans , who bid come full of cuifldenco - that they would easily down the lowans , had become silent as the flrct half ended and tiio second waa progressing without � much hope of a touchdown. For a moment � tbcy dlij not realize that the expected had coma at lust and then they pianccd and danced and jumped and yelled like crazy men , and , for that matter , like craiy women , too. i UNEXPECTED , BUT VERY. WELCOME.- H . was thus that the victory wan achieved.- It . was completely and entirely unexpected.- To . bo sure. It may bo figured that Nebrauka had the better of the came from tbo fact that it kept the ball tha greater part of the whIle in the lowan's territory , but It must bo considered � that they wuro never able , hard as they tried again and again , to push it over the covejed lino. Once inoro the ball was kicked oft and once moro the Nebraskans by short gains forced It down Into the lowans territory. This tlmo the yellow-backed players showed their ginger � before the danger line wan reached. Oa their twenty-flva-yanl Una they secured it and then they showed what they could do inan offensive way- .IOWA'S . DE3PERATE WORK. - The backs , tbo guards , tbe tacklca fell upon the Ncbraskans rlko so many fiends. They bucked tbo line , they went uround tbeend. . It was the turn of thu Nebraekana to fall back. They could not rtnlat tbe onslaught � , although they threw themselves boldly against tbo attacks. Back they fell into their territory , until tho1 hearts of tnolr followers sunk within them and they frantic , ally shouted encouragement. The lowans were now on tbe Neraakana ten-yard line anil a touchdown seemed a potolblllty If not a probability. Then ttie surlliwhistle ot tiio referee dashed their hopes to tbo ground.- Tbe . second half ended In their defeat. These were tbe two features of the Benedict's touchdown and the energy displayed by the at tn.9 euot > tbe second hnlf. Outtide ot tbeta Ui