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Nebraska 41, Missouri 0  |  Oct. 30, 1897
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TAME THE TERRIBLE TIGERS Nebraska Brawn Proves Too Much for the Beef of Missouri. SCARLET AND CREAM COMES ON TOP AGAIN Visitor * WnrinljWHroinril niul Soundly Trounced on UnJrhl - Iron ill Lincoln limn ttrt * uu Awful DrnlibliiK.- TfrtirnnUiii . -til .MlniiiHirl , O, KIIIINIIN , . ' ( I ) limn , .LINCOLN. l. . Oct. CO. (Special. ) The weather wan perfect toilay , anil the NobraakaMlcsourl - football game wan witnessed 1 y the largest crowd that ever assembled on the Lincoln grounds. From a Nebraska ntanflpolnt the game was Interesting from the Blurt , and nt no tlmo after the first five minutes of play was the result In doubt. In the first half the Tlgcre played a very listletn - game , and the ball was nearly all of the tlmo In their territory. On the other ham ) , the Ncbraskans put up a unappy game ami their play was free from the fumbles that characterized the few attempts at rapid work by the Mlssourlans. The crowd , which was thoroughly Nebraska In ocntlment , was onthtiHLstlc at all ttmca and generously npIilatulcd - the good work of the Tigers when thcro was an opportunity. Nebraska choccic the south goal and Missouri kicked off for seven yards , the ball going to Nebraska. Then , by a succession of rushes and plays around both ends , Nebraska took the ball down to the Missouri twutity yard line , and Benedict made a run around the left for a touchdown , Just tlvo minutes after the game was called. Shedd kicked goal. Score , C to 0. Missouri kicked off for twenty yards and ngaln Nebraska commenced the rapid rushIng. - . Shcdd , Dcncdlct , Turner, Hayward , Pcarso and Stringer each madi good gains , and when the ball was on the Missouri ten-yard line a tandem play through the center put Shedd across the goal lino. Shcdd kicked goal , and the score was 12 to 0. Up tothla tlmo Nebraska had not been turned back for a single moment. The Timers kicked off thirty yards and Shedd returnoJ the ball ten yards Cowgillpunied twenty-five yards and Missouri got the lull. They made short gains for three Conns , and the ball changed hands. There wan Borne pretty playing In the center of the Hold for several minutes, nfter whlch Nebraska again started down the field at a winning gait an I held the ball until Hayward - was sent across fet a touchdown. Shedd kicked goal. Score : 18 to 0. The i.Mlssourlans now began to liven up nllttlo and made a much better showing. Hut 1 eforo they got fairly to work Nebraska had returned their kick-off , and had the ball . Ithln two yards of the Tlgc-'s goal line- .Tlm . Nebraska loot on downs , ayd by a couple of gains on the line , i twenty-yard end run around the left by Harris and afurty yard punt, 'tho ball was again In the Nebraska territory. It staid there only a few moments , when the Ncbraskans cominctite'l - steady gains by ha.nwcrlng the line , until the bill w.within thirty yards of goal , when Cowglll made u field kick aw! aP'litly goal. There was perfect pandemonium. The score was now 23 to 0. The balance of the llrst half was played In the Mlsnmrl teirltory and thcro were hopes of another goal shortly before tlmo was called , but when the half ended the ball was on the Missouri twentv-yard line. SKCOND HALF- .NcbrasUi . UlclteJ off for forty yards , anilIn two downs fnlleil to Rain. A punt Bent tlio ball back to the fifty-yard line , and through c. fuiiihlo Mlosourl retained the ball.- A . line buck p'lt the ball to center, but In the next play Schwartz went through the line anil made a pretty aacklp , which lost llvo yards to Missouri. Nebraska took the ball on downs ar.d through rauld pUylriK bySheJJ and Schwartz made seventeen yards , Shodil got hurt and time was taken. Successive rushes through the Missouri line sent the ball down to the live-yard line- .Shrdd . carried It over for a touchdown and kicked goal. The score was now 29 to 0, Missouri kicked off to the Nebraska tenyard line and the ball went down there.- Honedlct . made n run around the left end for llftcen yards , but the next two plays mad ? a net loss of live yards. Cowglll punted to the center of the field , and Woodson downed the ball. The Tigers sent a man through the line for five yards , and a succession of fumliles - gave Nebraska the ball nn downs. Schwartz went around right end for five yards. An attempt was made to send Turner through the line , but he was shoved back. There was warm playing for a moment , and Cottglll punted ten yard ? . Missouri scemcdto ita playing with more snap than at any tlmo during the game. Missouri failed togiiln in the next two plays and punted twelve yards to Cowglll , who fumbled .and aTl erfellontho ball. Another punt gave them tWHity-flvo yards more , but Nebraska got the ball and commenced to make short gains ngalnst the line, until the ball was exactly on the center of the field. I'earsp , Turner nud Stringer each made seven yarda through the line. Hayward plunged through for llvo yards more , and Hanson did the same.- A . tandem play Rent Stringer through for ten yards , and Williams made a touchdown.- Shodd . kicked goal. Score , 35 to 0. The Tigers kicked off for forty yards , and lleriedlrt made a ten-yard return. The next two downs failed to gain , and Cowglll punted ten sards, the tall going to the Tlgen- . They lost on downs , but got the ball again on a fumble.ivs ] punted fifteen yards , and Henodlct returned ten. The gains were then both frequent ar. d easy , and before tlmoWat , called Nebraska made another touchdown , and Shedd kicked a goal. Score : 41 to 0. After this there wis only a llttlonl'drmlsh before the game ended. CUSTOMARY CKLHUUATION. The people of the city are happy tonight , nnd the r.tudentB are celebrating the victory With tlio easy defeat of the Tigers and the piling up of such a long string of points by the Nebraska lioys, the general opinion ID that tlio championship will come to this state. Thu university team comes out of the g imo In good thapo , and will start ontiio trip next week stronger thn over. The goal kick fronv the field by Cowglll , and the t- ' 5 good playing of Shedd , llencdlct , Stringer nnd Turner Is the theme tonight , and the boys are all getting their share of praise. The lineup in the game was : Ni-brnHku. I'onltlon. Missouri- .H.ritmer . l.ott end Perry 3onr.so t.cft tncklp Crnmer3lnncn Left guard Woodsenillelfonl Center lloivnnl , Cox Tumor lllght gunrd I'arkerllaywnnl tackle Hill . AVlgglim Itlglit end Harris 4 Cowglll , , Quarter Hongnrth- -J llfiiodlct , Srhw.irtz.HlKht half..Jones , Troy ; .Montgomery , Williams.l.pft half. . Slujipanl.- Shedd . . . . .lAillbiick. . . Hass , Ilolman