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Nebraska 41, Missouri 0  |  Oct. 30, 1897
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NEBRASKA 41, MISSOURI 0. The Tigers Overwhelmed at Lincoln and "ere Never tn the Game After the Kick-Off. "Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 30. (Special.) Nebraska university triumphed over Missouri on the football field to-day, in the initial game of the Western Intercollegiate Association. The score was 41 to 0. Right at the outset the local players demonstrated their superiority and before the end of the first half the contest became wearisome through pure one-sidedness. The weather was perfect, and the crowd large.Nebraska took the ball on the call of time and within six minutes had pushed it over Missouri's goal line. A second touchdown and goal were made in eight minutes. The third came in ten minutes more and as a fitting finale to the first half, Cowgill, for Nebraska, kicked goal from the field, making the score at the end of the first half. Nebraska 23, Missouri 0.The visitors played with more snap in the second ralf and by a series of end rushes got the ball dangerously near the Nebraska goal but were forced back, the ball surrendered and four minutes later another touchdown and goal was scored for Nebraska. The Mlssourians lost all heart in their work from this on, and played wholly on the defensive. One more touchdown and goal for the locals ended the unequal struggle. The game was happily free from slugging and was won purely on its merits, Montgomery, for Nebraska, being the only man injured. The perfect training of the Nebraskans was in contrast to that of their opponents and to this more than anything else is the else Is the victory due. The teams lined up follows Nebraska. Stringer Pearse ... Hansen .. Melford .. Turner Hnyward Wiggins cowgill Games 0 .41 .W . 6 .40 0 . 4 0 S 0 0 a of 0. a so a 3 5 a in so a a a xo me it a a it a a of. 0. a a a it .... at 0. of a 0. a um iu im- - as ., ... .. 0 0 6 5 c Position. Missouri. ..'....Left end Pcrrv ....Left tackle Cramer guard Woodson Center. Co ....Right guard Parker tackle Hill Right end Liggett Benedict Left halfback Shepherd Montgomery Kicht halfback Snedd Fullback Holman Referee. Pratt: umpire. Duval; touchdowns. Nebraska, 6; goals. Nebraska from field, Nebraska, L ' '