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Nebraska 10, Iowa 10

Nov. 24, 1892
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Nov. 25, 1907



WAS A DRAWN GAMENebraska and Iowa Tussle Hard for VictoryAT OMAHA YESTERDAY.Each Side Had Scored Ten When Time Was CalledThe Battle In DetailThe Season Closes With Kansas First and Nebraska SecondPoints of the Game.The Football Match.At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon the great game between the Iowa and Nebraska state university football teams began at Sportsman's park. Omaha. The small but exceedingly enthusiastic crowd of spectators witnessed the closest and most exciting game ever played in Nebraska. Captain Johnson won the flip and took the ball and gave Iowa the wind. The teams lined up as follows:NEBRASKA'S TEAM. Johnson Mosher * Flippin * Pace * : * Oliver Yont Jones Church * * * * * * * Howe Hopewell Sinclair, Hull Zallman Rigs Johnson * * * * * * Sanford Aldrich Ostcrhout - Sawyer Dawson * Elliott * Larrabee IOWA'S TEAM.Captain Johnson opened the game with a wedge. But the doughty Iowa lads soon knocked center Hopewell's pins from under him and the wedge crumbled and was downed. Flippin took the ball and made a run around the right end for thirty yards, but fell a victim to Larabee's prowess. Then Captain Jim Johnson tried it a whirl himself and knocked out some ten yards for his men. The brazen-lunged howlers by this time had their lungs in good working order and the welkin rang with the U-n-i yell. Big Yont butted his head against the rush line, but found it as solid as a stone wall. Flippin hit the line in a weak place and brought the ball within five yards of the Iowa goal Then Bud Jones bucked and was carried over the line, amid a din of tin horns and yells. Oliver failed to kick goal. Score: 4-0.The prospects for a victory for Nebraska were rosy-hued. But the Iowa men were not daunted. They started from the center with the gridiron and by short gains bucked the horse-hide down to Nebraska's fifteen yard line. Here a scrimmage took place and Hopewell got the ball. But the Iowa rush line did their work well and even Flippin was unable to gain the required five yards. The ball went to Iowa again. By bucking the line and working the whirling wedge Iowa soon carried Larabee across the line and scored a touchdown. Larabee kicked an easy goal. Score 6-4.On the first play from the center Nebraska lost the ball on the claim of foul. Umpire Prince all through the game was pretty rough in his decisions against the university boys. After some minutes of kicking and resting, play was resumed. The ball did not again leave Iowa's hands until Elliot bucked across the goal line and scored a touch down. Billy Larabee could not make proper connections with the ball and failed a goal. Score: Iowa 10, Nebraska 4.The remainder of the first half was a desperate struggle. The ball changed hands several times but neither team was able to score. The round ended with a long punt by Moshier which sent the ball within a few yards of Iowa's goal.Early in the second half Sawyer and Larabee were disabled and were succeeded by Blair and "Dago" Myers, By this change the Hawkeyes were materially weakened. The Iowa rush line seemed to be weary and George, our own Flippin, was repeatedly pushed through the center for good gains. The score was tied in this way. After the ball had changed hands twice and returned again to Captain Johnson's men, Captain Jimmie, full back Moshier and Flippin bucked the line repeatedly. Flippin made one great gain of twentyfive yards straight through the center. The Hawkeyes played desperately, but could not withstand the rushes of Nebraska's sturdy backs and Flippin was carried over the line in triumph. Oliver redeemed himself by kicking goal and tied the score. Score: 10-10.After this neither side could score and the ball remained near the center until the call of time.For Iowa, Larabee and Elliott played the star games. Larabee is undoubtedly the best full back in the league. For the university team Flippin played the greatest game of his life. But the praise is not due to him alone. Moshier played an excellent game. He proved himself the best man for full back that has been tried this year. The rush line individually and collectively deserve great praise for their work.By tieing with Iowa our team takes second place in the league. Kansas defeated Missouri yesterday by a score of 12 to 4. The teams end the season in the following order:Won. Lost. Tied. Kansas 3 0 0 Nebraska 1 1 1 Missouri 1 2 0 Iowa 0 2 1