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LA Times Article Rebuttal

Garrick Baxter
Communications Chair,
Oregonians For Nebraska

Dear Mr. Simers,
I am writing to you in regards to your column,
"Putting Out Red Carpet for Cornhusker Folks."

I'm writing specifically in reference to your paraphrased rhetoric, "when Pasadena officials told me they were opening an RV parking lot adjacent to the Rose Bowl, my first reaction was to label it Hick Haven. I told Pasadena officials I wanted to help the nuts, and said I'd publicize the fact there will be no public facilities available in Hick Haven, although I shouldn't think that'll bother these people."

Are you nuts?

Not only did you attack a part of the country that has the greatest family values in the USA, you attacked a foundation of faithful fans that contributes a great amount of history (and money) to NCAA football.

You are a smart and well-versed contributor to your readers regarding sports. I will not discount the fact that you know the wealth of academic All-Americans that the University of Nebraska has produced. The subjects of study include medicine, engineering, law, and agriculture. Students from Nebraska stay in the state to give back what they have earned. Families are well-grounded for generations in Nebraska soil. If you use the term "hicks" to mean unrefined, then you've never been to a Thanksgiving dinner with my family in Fremont, NE. It's downright warm and festive.

Mr. Simers, my Big Red faithful bretheren are coming to town to purchase your newspaper. We want to stay abreast of the Rose Bowl stories and notes. We look forward to your daily editions to prepare for an exciting game.

We are coming to town to take in all of the pageantry that is the Rose Bowl parade. We will eat at the In-n-Outs and we will visit Disneyland. We may see the Lakers, Clippers, or the Mighty Ducks since many of us don't live in cities with professional teams. We may even take in a theater production or opera.

We may even take a tour of the Los Angeles Times offices and pay you a visit. We may ask you to repeat your column's words to our faces, if you've got the intestinal fortitude. That's how Nebraska folks work. We believe in decency. Don't compose comments that can't be a display of common decency.

Your column appears far enough in advance that the Big Red Nation may not pick you up on the radar. You will probably be spared a great deal of pummelling with retorts that range from politely disappointed to down right pissed off. There are Husker fans all over the United States. You may like us, TJ. See? We're already on a first name basis.

Now kiss our ass, TJ. The Big Red Nation is coming to town to take care of National Championship business regardless of shortsighted comments like your column.

Happy Holidays,

Garrick Baxter
Portland, Oregon

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