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April 21, 2017

Question marks

We know who our starting quarterback is going into next fall but there are some questions that still remain for the Husker football team and the first one that popped into my mind was the offensive line. Now, we have five players returning with starting experience, but we had some struggles last year and the defensive line kind of whipped up on the offensive line a little bit during spring practice. The offensive line did look good during the spring game, but we need these boys to be smash-mouth, physical, we need to be able to run the football going forward.

At the center position, there was some movement late in spring practice as well. It looks like Cole Conrad may have the upper hand going into fall camp. One of the issues we had at the center position was our shotgun snaps to the quarterback. Typically, the center grips the ball like this, normal football grip, fingers on the laces, and snaps it back to the quarterback, nice little spiral-like. There's this old technique become new again called the dead ball snap. We might try this because we had some struggles with our shotgun snaps. You grip the ball like this, hand over the end of the ball, and you snap it back to the quarterback. It's a little bit different for the quarterbacks, but I say let's get that snap right, that's the most important thing going forward.

I said it before and I'll say it again, in that Jason Peters interview, the offense puts butts in the seats and the defense wins games. The trenches win championships. I'm keeping it quick and easy today, but I have to show some love to our wonderful sponsors. So, you fine folks at home, have you heard about the new Stay Hungry Motivational Movement that started right here in Lincoln, Nebraska? At Get Hungry, Stay Hungry, you'll find inspiring stories and motivational apparel to help you achieve your goals. As a sponsor of today's show, I've also arranged several free gifts just for my listeners and fans of this show. Just go to Get Hungry, Stay Hungry and use the code "Adam" to claim your free gifts and to join the Stay Hungry movement.

The second-biggest question that popped into my mind was the pass rush. The defensive line looked good throughout spring ball, Carlos Davis, Mick Stoltenberg, and Freedom Akinmoladun. In those 3-4 alignments I'm not sure how much pressure they will be able to get on the quarterback, so it's going to fall on the outside linebackers, and I'm going to keep bringing it up until somebody steps up and grabs the bull by the horns. Alex Davis has a lot of potential, he's still getting used to covering people in space, so that's new for him. At the other outside linebacker position, Luke Gifford looked great in the spring game. He's battling it out for that starting job with Marcus Newby, who has a great first step off the ball. It's really hard for a quarterback to be accurate when he's sitting on his butt! Conversely, if our offensive line can protect Tanner Lee and become his best friend, going into this fall as our new starting quarterback.

But let me ask you something, brother! Whatcha gonna do when the 24-inch pythons of Husker Nation run wild on you!! And always remember ... to THROW THE BONES!