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April 19, 2017

Bookie Radley-Hiles

Welcome, everybody, to the Carriker Chronicles, the people's show where we're bringing you the pulse of Husker Nation. Today I have a very special guest with me. Today I'm joined by Bredan Radley-Hiles. He is the highest-rated Husker commit in about a decade so he's joining me today. How ya doing today?

BRH: I'm doing great, sir, how are you doing?

AC: I'm doing good. We are the people's show, so we are going to conduct this interview just a smidge differently. I put out a post on facebook, a post on twitter asking the fans questions that they wanted to ask you. So every single question I'm going to ask you will be from a fan. So here we go off of my Facebook page. And it's kind of two people asked the similar question. Steve Jones asked, how did you come up with your nickname? Sarah R asked: the nickname: I've heard stories about it, wondering are true?

BRH: Okay my nickname is Bookie and the way I got that name is because my mom named me before I was even born she just started calling me that name so there's really no meaning behind it or reason. She just started calling me the name and everybody just follow through with it.

AC: That's kind of a cool nickname when I saw it I actually liked it I think it's kind of cool.

BRH: It's kind of unique.

AC: Definitely unique. So next up and I apologize if I say any of your fans' names incorrectly but Craig M. He goes: what has impressed you the most about Nebraska and have you had a Runza yet?

BRH: Oh yeah what impressed me the most probably the most is the fan base probably and how locked-in they are to the game and the loyalty that they have to the football team really to Nebraska as a whole.

AC: I would agree

BRH: Yes I have I had one at the Illinois game. The Illinois vs Nebraska game last year I believe it was a homecoming game I had it for the first time.

AC: Hey man those things are delicious. Next up is John F. Compare Nebraska's academic department with other schools that you were recruited by.

BRH: The academic department is way different. I spoke with the academic advisor many times and the way that they plan out your future is way different than the others. I've been to other Big Ten schools the Pac-12 schools and the SEC schools and all of them seem to have some of it the same way. It is a little bit different -- they plot out individually what you want to do based off what you are basically what you want to do academically. For instance, we talked about Ndamukong Suh and how he graduated the field of engineering and the steps that he took to get to where he is at and they basically plotted out step for step how he got there they put me in those shoes and basically told me how I have to be as success as he got.

AC: Yeah, I tell you what -- Nebraska, we're not just unique we're special in that department because we're far away number one in academic Department the most all Americans in the country so that's pretty cool. Okay, so the next two questions are kind of similar so I'm going to ask him back to back Seth McDonald what made you pick Nebraska over all the other schools and Rob what was the turning point that made you pick Nebraska?

BRH: That was an easy one really. I mean Nebraska there's no place like Nebraska! The fan base the fan base is literally the best fanbase in America Coach Riley's the best coach in America. Donte is the best coach in America. The city of Lincoln is my second home! It's my home now it was too much to pass up too much greatness and I want to be great so I want to be around that.

AC: I concur with that assessment; I like that. I actually got asked this question a ton with different variations so Ryan B says I want to say thank you to him for choosing the big red and welcome. My question is does he have any close friends of his caliber to join the big red and will he help on the recruiting trail? How many guys is he trying to bring with him? Ernie Wilson III: Can he bring about 10 more of those kids from the IMG Academy instead of them all going to Alabama? You bringing some people with you? That's what a lot of people want to know.

BRH: First off I just want to say thank you and I appreciate it to those people who spoke those words and I say yes I am bringing a lot of guys with me. Some of these guys from IMG -- they're going to come too but I don't want to say any names right now. But the IMG pipeline to Nebraska will be in full effect after this class and the next one.

AC: That's what I like to hear, that's good stuff. So the next question is from Ryan C -- and I abbreviated this. The question is longer -- he said: I'm curious why he went to a different High School the last three years. Was it coaching, was it the school, what was the reason for that?

BRH: I went to Bishop because I lived in California in a decent area but my mom has lost her son as people know about and she didn't want me to go to high school in California anymore so I went to Las Vegas. And with us moving basically moving just together my grandmother needed assistance she couldn't live on her own anymore due to her elderly age so my mom decided to move back to California for a year and then she decided she was going to eventually move my grandmother to Las Vegas with her because she kept her house in Vegas and I didn't want to go back to Bishop Gorman starting over again so I felt as if IMG could have got me more prepared for college than anybody.

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Now I may not be able to get to everyone's question on Facebook or Twitter, but those are the most that stood out the most to me, anyways, so let's hit up the Twitter, shall we? The first one comes from @Imadesmartcool. What does Bookie believe is the best recruiting tool for Nebraska currently? The staff, scheme, incoming players, facilities, fan base and so on?

BRH: I would say the coaching staff and specific to it, the coaching staff's vision with the program and what they plan on doing with basically the football team in the near future. That's the best recruiting tool.

AC: Okay, very cool. Next question comes from @Huskerfanx525 Does he prefer guarding the big tall wide outs or the shorter faster guys?

BRH: I like guarding all types of receivers out there you know cuz a receiver is a receiver to me. But I feel like I get more fun out of the bigger guys. They think they can kind of bully you so those guys are fun to jam up so when I end up beating them they are kind of like amazed sometimes. But the shorter quicker guys they give you not only a tougher time cuz I'm actually quick and short myself, I can handle them equivalently as well. So really it goes hand in hand depending what I want to do at that specific time.

AC: Cool. When I played I played D-line so I always preferred against going against the fat offensive linemen. I didn't care about anything else. All right, next question comes from @ourlowesttoney: How we handle the criticism from certain parts of the fan base?

BRH: I will handle it as professional as possible. I will be myself.

AC: That sounds good. There will always be criticism no matter what happens throughout your career so just be professional, I'm with you there. The next one is a @lindermar_Carpio. What would you say to those underrated kids that are trying to get a scholarship in the D1 D2 college level?

BRH: I would say stay focused and praise the Lord. Everything happens for a reason so when you're down and you don't think you can get somewhere ... When I was younger we didn't really come from anything so we would pray consistently nonstop and just put our head down and be humble and work for everything we got. So I would just say stay humble stay focused, work diligently and have continuous prayer at all costs.

AC: Sounds good! All right, next is a @ak_smoothred. Will he be a two-way player? His film on offense is sick as well?

BRH: I spoke briefly with laughter with Coach Dub about potentially getting a few excitement plays -- like a bubble screen or tunnel screen or something like that but being a two-way player has not been in conversation too much. At least it's more like a joking matter so far.

AC: Yeah you never know what could happen. I forget the guys name up in Michigan but this year he did everything this year offense defense -- Jabrill Peppers -- you never know what could happen. All right, @joyner6_edward9. If he committed last spring why did he call Florida his leader at one point? Oh and another person said how did you keep it a secret from us for so long your commitment?

BRH: I actually spoke to Coach Riley about everything that was going on with my recruitment. It was getting to a point where people were almost finding out about it and I wanted to keep it between us before I did anything.

AC: Okay. So you were just trying to keep it under wraps a little bit?

BRH: Exactly. Only people that really knew were my brothers, my mom, and Coach Riley, Tristan and Keyshawn. Those two knew.

AC: Very cool. @Gatorcar, what's going through his mind when Tyjon Lindsey committed to Nebraska a few months ago?

BRH: I had already known. I knew what had happened and why it happened and I was actually on the phone with him when he posted the actual commitment. He called me and he was something like "I'm ready to do it." We were actually on FaceTime when we did it and he turned his phone off. His phone had a glitch and eventually broke.

AC: All right, @stetson_GBR. Will you be enrolling in January or June? Will you be enrolling and playing in springball next year? Or will you be coming the following June?

BRH: I'll be early enrolling and playing in spring ball next year.

AC: That is awesome! All right and the last question -- there are several parts to it. @hypeSportscompany -- So people should know the shows that we do are actually edited buy @hype Sports company so if you like to show that we do, check them out on Twitter, check them out on Facebook. They do a lot of great work. His question is: will you be at the pro elite 7 & 7 tournament in May? @hypecompanysports is actually going to be streaming it as it's going on.

BRH: It depends which month it is. If it's on when I'll be in California I'll definitely I try to get some work in and make sure I go against elite competition.

AC: And the last part to his question is what other Nebraska recruits might come out of there? I still believe he's referring to the 7-on-7 tournament. Do you know of any Nebraska recruits and might come out of that tournament?

BRH: I can't say right now. I know a few of them but I don't want to spoil their names.

AC: Okay, cool.

BRH: I'm not coming alone. Just know that.

AC: I like that. You got to give us the scoop when it happens, how's that sound? You got a deal?

BRH: Right, yeah definitely! You might find out under 10 days, you might find out in the summer, you might find out I can name a few off here now but I'm not going to say anything yet. That's their business and I couldn't hold it in much longer.

AC: I respect that man. I appreciate that. I appreciate your joining me as a guy who played at Nebraska I say welcome to the Cornhusker family. Welcome to the Blackshirt family. If you ever need anything, thanks for coming on -- if you ever need anything -- you got my number, feel free to hit me up anytime.

BRH: Yes sir thank you so much I appreciate it.

AC: All right, Husker Nation until Fast Friday, Go Big Red and always always remember ...

BRH: Throw Them Bones!