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April 15, 2017

Spring game gut reaction

Welcome, Husker Nation, to the Carriker Chronicles Spring Game Gut Reaction. I'm joined today by my wonderful son, Jacob. I'm going to jump right into it today and talk about the quarterbacks. Tanner Lee looked good. I'm also excited about this true freshman to be, Tristan Gebbia. Running backs: there was a Devine Ozogbo sighting. Yes! That was good to see. Austin Rose and Wyatt Mazour looked good as well. I'm excited about that, but it was against our first-team defense, so we still gotta work on our open-field tackling just a smidgen with the Blackshirts.

The defense was not running game their typical 3-4. They were running a more vanilla 4-2-5. They didn't want to show anything to any other teams that they didn't have to. I'm down with that. Luke Gifford had a big day with a strip fumble, a recovery, and a one-handed interception. He had a big hit as well, and what I like most about it is he did it all with a cast on his hand. That is a defensive football player right there, ladies and gentlemen. He is a versatile, agile, athletic football players. He's one of those Nebraska boys I talked so much about.

Today, the offense looked a little bit better than the defense, but like I mentioned, we were a little vanilla on defense so take that with a grain of salt. The defense has had the upper hand so far in most spring practice scrimmages. We do need to work on the red zone offense a little bit, but ladies and gentlemen, this is spring ball, very vanilla, but there's a lot more we can learn about it. This is my gut reaction. Tune in on Monday for my full game breakdown analysis.

I gotta ask my son Jacob a question. Jacob, who is your favorite football team?


And in this house, we always say Go Big Red ...

"And always remember ... to THROW THE BONES!!!"