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March 10, 2017

Four questions

Welcome, Husker Nation, to another Fast Friday edition of the Carriker Chronicles where each and every Friday I keep it quick and easy! If you watched my show on Wednesday, you know why I'm wearing this shirt today. Unfortunately, unlike what I wore on Wednesday we did not happen to win this particular bowl game. Before we dive into the show topic today I want to give a big shout out to Navythomas8. I'm going to be asking and answering four questions today. He came up with these four questions, it was his idea, and he gave me permission to use these questions on the show, so big shout out and thank you to Navythomas8.

I'm going to dive right into question number one and question number one is if I was in charge of the NCAA what one thing would I change? Him and I agree on this, we agreed on a couple things and disagreed on a couple things. The targeting rule. This is ruining the game, it's changing the outcome of games, and you're penalizing players for just playing the game too hard. Another thing I might do is move the kickoffs back to the 30-yard line. I love and I respect players' safety, but you're changing and altering the game of football. It's like if you want to hit people, play football. If you don't want to hit people, don't play football. Player safety is great, but do not alter the game. It's kind of like, you don't want to get punched in the mouth, don't become a boxer.

Number two is if I was in charge of the Big 10 Conference, what would I change? The first two things that popped into my mind is I would boot the two teams out that never should have been invited in, that's Rutgers and Maryland. No disrespect, but I don't know what they really bring. Maryland isn't even that great in basketball anymore. I know why they were invited in, it was a money grab. Going after the New York markets, the Washington D.C. markets, the Maryland markets. I understand, I get it, I know those markets well, but to me I want to be a legitimate conference. Whether it be on the hardwood, would it be on the field of play, whatever that field may be. So to me, what I would do is once I booted those out, who's going to replace them? I got my Big 10 Commissioner's hat on, I'll go ahead and keep that NCAA Commissioner's hat on...my world, right? Hey Notre Dame, how you doing? You're no longer going to get to have your cake and eat it too my friends! You gotta join a conference. You're no longer going to be part of the ACC and get those benefits--but not really--be an independent and get those benefits. You no longer get to walk the line. Touchdown Jesus, pick a conference. ACC or Big 10, I don't care Big 10 seems to make more sense, at least geographically. I don't think it would be hard to find another team to join Notre Dame and get the Big 10 Conference back up to fourteen teams, because that mathematically makes sense right there.

Number three, as a Nebraska guy, if I could go back in the past and redo anything from Husker history, what would I change? 1997 playing out that game against Michigan would be great, 1994, don't forget Penn State was undefeated, and actually playing them and beating them on the field, because we would have, winning that title outright on the field, not just the polls would have been great. In 1984, that Orange Bowl popped into my mind. Now, maybe we make the 2-point conversion, maybe Mike Rozier doesn't wear different cleats than he's worn before, he doesn't get hurt, and he ends up playing in the second half. But in all honesty, I'm not happy about it but I can't really whine, complain or moan about a game that we lost fair and square on the field. I think we were the better team! Miami had lost 28-3 to Florida earlier that year, but on that particular night they beat us. I'm going to let that go because that was fair and square on the field that particular night anyway. That brings me to 1982, up at Penn State, good old Happy Valley. The guy catches the ball, the Penn State receiver, clearly 82 yards out of bounds--slight exaggeration--but the ref calls him inbounds, alters the outcome of the game. Penn State goes on to win the National Championship that year. That was the only game Nebraska lost that year. In other words, the National Championship was in the balance on that call. Another one I would address was 1994. I still don't know where the penalty is on a punt return called back in the Orange Bowl against Florida State in the Championship game. So there's two National Championships in the balance, I'll let you pick either one of those two, what you fans at home would like to change.

The number four question is, what Nebraska coach, do you think, made the biggest mistake during his tenure with the Huskers? You could talk about things with Frank Solich, you can talk about Bill Callahan. I would argue, he's a very good football coach, but he's got an NFL mindset, he belongs in the NFL, he just shouldn't have been a college football coach, that's what I would say. I'm going to bring up a name, I know, I wanted to change the answer to this question. But I wasn't going to change the question and I'm an honest guy so I'm going to give you the honest answer even though I didn't want to give it. It's Bo Pelini. We never got to see how truly good of a coach he was, look at what he's doing at Youngstown State. Takes them to a National Championship game already, he coached for years in the NFL, he did really good things as a defensive coordinator with the Blackshirts when he first got here in the early 2000s. He didn't do bad, he won nine games every year. He let his ego and emotion get in the way and we never really truly got to see how good of a coach he was. I promise, I will not bring up Bo Pelini's name again for quite awhile, I promise that to you.

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