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March 8, 2017

Bob Diaco's style

Welcome, everybody, to the Carriker Chronicles; The People's Show. Bringing you the pulse of Husker Nation every Monday, Wednesday, and Fast Friday. Now, if you hadn't already noticed, yes, I am wearing a shirt that is twelve years old. This is what happens, ladies and gentlemen, when you lose a bunch of weight, and then randomly out of nowhere, one day you find in the back of your closet a bunch of shirts that you flat out forgot you had, but all of a sudden, you can wear them again! So I thought it was kind of cool, this is I believe when we beat Michigan in our bowl game my junior year. Here's what I'm going to do going forward, cuz I think it's kind of cool; I found all of these shirts that I haven't worn for well over a decade. So going forward, until I run out of shirts, and I don't- I'm not exactly sure what I have because I haven't looked through them yet; I'm going to be wearing some of these shirts that I have not worn in quite a while in honor of spring ball.

Now, I do want to get to the topic at hand, which is Bob Diaco and his fiery personality. There have been some video, some clips released from the first practice or two of Bob Diaco. Some of him running around, some of him doing up-downs with the players, some of him running around with the players; just his fiery personality on display. I have been asked, if I had a coach who ran around, did drills, did up-downs with us like Bob Diaco does with his players, would I have responded more to a coach like that? There are a lot of coaches out there who are really good coaches, who per se didn't play at a high level, whether it be college or the NFL. I know Diaco played at Iowa, we won't hold that against him, but you don't have to be someone who had a really highly successful playing career to be a good coach.

If I was ever to become a coach, let's say, a High School coach next year, just for example, I've always imagined myself being that coach who would create the strength and conditioning program, and then I'd be in the weight room lifting with the players. I'd be out on the field, running with the players. I have to work out anyway, I might as well do it with my team, right? I think players would respond so much more to something like that. Even in practice, I'd probably get in and do some of the drills with those guys. Now, I don't know if I'd get in there and take on double teams, that just seems a little bit unnecessary, but I could demonstrate some of the things for the players. And I think players would respond really well to that, so I love what I've seen from Bob Diaco so far.

Now, I am going to dare to go there. I am going to dare to bring up a name that's akin to a cuss word- kinda, sorta, in Husker Nation. That is Bo Pelini. I'm not bringing up his name to talk about any negativity, but we have to be able to look in the past at what didn't work and also what worked so we can be better in the future. What worked, was Bo Pelini was really good- I've never had a coach who yelled, or yelled at me more. I've also never had a coach who had the player loyalty towards him that Bo Pelini had as well. Here's the way I always looked at it. I love playing for a coach with passion and energy as long as it was fair. If he was just yelling all the time, it was kind of like a parent. After a while, it loses its luster and your respect. Most players respond to yelling as long as there's a purpose and you know at the end of the day, the coach has your back and he's not just being a jerk. I'm pretty sure the players will love and respond well to Bob Diaco.

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