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Feb. 1, 2017

Tyjon Lindsey

Welcome, Husker Nation, to the Carriker Chronicles. Today is a very special edition of the Chronicles. Second show of a two-a-day for National Signing Day! I am joined by a very special guest, Tyjon Lindsey, who just signed his letter of intent (LOI) to join the Huskers today. He's a 4/5 star wide receiver, I'm going to say he's a 5 star wide receiver, one of the biggest recruits in the entire country!

A: How you doing, Tyjon?

T: I'm great, man, how are you?

A: I'm good, man, I'm always good. Anytime I talk Husker football I'm good. I've seen what you've been putting on Twitter and I love the passion, love the excitement, I love the fact that you've basically been out there kind of recruiting for the Huskers a little bit!

T: Yeah. I have to do what I have to do, you know, it's a big thing coming up. We did what we could this year and next year is gonna be even bigger.

A: I like it, I like it. So, talk to me- cuz you were originally committed to Ohio State, and then you got smart and you came to Nebraska, so what about Nebraska made you choose the Huskers?

T: Well, for me, it was more of a personal reason, so you know- there's a bunch of kids who commit and decommit here and there for certain reasons; they feel it's the right thing. And my thing was having a change of heart and knowing what would be best for me all around, not just in the football aspect, you know, but also school. Without education, you're nothing. I had to think it through, and at the end of the day, my heart felt best at Nebraska, rather than being at Ohio State.

A: I love that, man, and I love the fact that you brought up academics because we have more Academic All-Americans than anybody else in the country and it's not even close, so I love that you brought that up. Do you know what your major is going to be?

T: I'm going to major in journalism, or sports broadcasting and digital media, but also, I'm thinking about majoring in fashion design too. I have a great little blueprint of how I want to get to school and what I want to major in, so I'm on the right path.

A: Alright man, that's awesome. Well, you're way ahead of me, I had no idea what I was going to do until my junior year, and they made me pick a major, so kudos to you on that, man (laughter). And congratulations on your big day, talk to me about what today was like, what the recruiting process was like, and when you signed your name on that dotted line, did they just- tell me how that day went for you and some of the emotions that go into it.

T: Well, my day started out, I woke up early in the morning, I was very excited, you know, because this was a big day ahead of me and God had it planned for me throughout my whole high school recruiting process. And my dream finally came true and I was able to finally sign that dotted line, my name right there, accept a full-ride scholarship to one of the top tier programs in the nation. And going back to waking up in the morning, I was blasting my music, happier than I've ever been in my life, so this was a great day and it will be remembered.

A: That's awesome, man, so what are some of your favorite moments- I'm sure you watched the Huskers growing up, I know you're out west, but what are some of your favorite moments throughout the years that you can remember from watching the Huskers growing up?

T: When I would watch the Huskers growing up, one of my favorite moments was, they had- this sounds a little weird- but one of my favorite moments was a couple weeks after Foltz had passed away, I just saw the team- I was committed to Ohio State at this point, but I was just seeing how the team came together on such a horrific tragedy that happened. Not just throughout the football program, but throughout the whole town and the State of Nebraska. It affected the team dramatically, but they didn't let it affect them (on the field) at all. They finished off with a strong season and used that as strength and willingness to get the job done. That showed me how big of a family Nebraska is and how it's not just about football, you know. It's a family, brotherhood standpoint, and I haven't felt that in any other program besides Nebraska, so I'm very excited to be a part of it.

A: That's awesome. I remember the Fresno State game, the first time the punt team came out they honored Sam, put 10 guys on the field. I'll never forget seeing Tommy Armstrong, starting quarterback, on a knee on the sideline, and he's just shedding tears, man, just water works out of his eyes. That's how close these guys are. And I never officially met Sam Foltz, but I had the opportunity to speak with him through technology and he seemed like a genuine guy. So I'm glad that's something that resonated with you. That is very, very cool. So, I'm going to transition just a little bit because now I'm going to talk about your playing career. It hasn't happened yet, but projecting forward, what have Mike Riley and Coach Langsdorf expressed as far as how they plan on using you in the Husker Offense going forward? T: With a couple guys dropping off of the receiving corps and me being implemented in the system, it's going to give me a great opportunity to play right away. I'm going to be coached by arguably the best receiver coach in the nation and a great offensive coordinator and great head coach. Right now, it's not just about talking about my playing time, it's about starting from the basics, building a relationship with the coaches and players, and getting familiar with the fans and the city. So, the thought of being able to play right away is stressed heavily at Nebraska and every day I think about playing my first down there as a Freshman too, so it's going to take determination and motivation to get on that field, and it's all up to me. It's up for grabs.

A: Is there a player that you- whether it be a Husker, collegiate player, NFL player, or otherwise, is there someone you kind of emulate your game after just a little bit?

T: I emulate my game after De'Anthony Thomas and Desean Jackson.

A: I like that, those are two very fast, very explosive guys. Now, I gotta ask, because Desean Jackson, that guy can talk. Are you a talker on the field, or are you kind of more, I'm gonna make you look bad and then shake your hand afterwards type of guy?

T: Nah, I let the other people talk, I let the people in front of me do all the talking, it riles me up, it gets me pretty mad, but at the end of the day and at the end of the play, I know I'll be the successful one, frowning upon them and laughing at them. I'm the type of player to let my athletic ability do the work rather than my mouth because your mouth is not the one playing, it's your physical ability. I stress that heavily on my body and my physical ability is what's going to get the job done rather than my mouth.

A: I like that, so basically what you're saying, is when you get close to that goal line, you're not gonna start dancing and drop the ball at the one inch line? Is that what you're telling me?

T: No, I'm gonna make sure I'm in there and the first thing I'm going to look for is my o-lineman so he can lift me up. I'm a team player, that's going to be the first thing. I'm going to look for my team mates.

A: I love that, man, I love that. So, gotta ask ya. Do you have a favorite Husker of all time?

T: All time; it would probably have to be Sam Foltz or Stanley Morgan Jr.

A: Okay, alright. Very cool, that makes a lot of sense. What are some of the things you look forward to when you get to Nebraska, like for me, one of the things I was excited to do, because at the time- and we still have one of the largest ones- but we had the largest weight room in the country, so as far as whether it be facilities, academics, or otherwise, what's one of the things you're looking forward to doing as soon as you get to Nebraska?

T: One of the things I look forward to doing when I get up there is training, practicing with my team. I just can't stress it enough, you know, I've been so excited and riled up to start this process at the next level and I'm just ready. I'm going to give it 110% and my work ethic is going to be heavily stressed like I always say. And I'm just ready.

A: Now, did you get hurt your Senior year in high school?

T: Yes, I did.

A: Ok, so you were ramped up and ready to go even more, because I know when I've been hurt in the past and I came back, I was ready to go. So you're chomping at the bit even more, I would imagine.

T: Yes.

A: Alright, let's see, guys report at different times, some guys are here now at Nebraska, some guys come in the Summer, when do you plan on reporting to Nebraska?

T: I'll be up there June 4th.

A: Okay, so you've got the exact date, I like that. Alright, man I appreciate you coming on. The floor is open to you, is there anything you'd like to specifically say to Husker Nation? A message, just "Hey, man, glad to be here" or anything like that? The floor is open to you.

T: Yeah, I just wanted to say, thank you for having me on this show, and if you need to talk to me or anybody about anything, I'm the guy to go to. My time is open for you and whoever. And I just want to let the Husker fans know that I'm going to make a big impact on the Husker Nation. Not just at Husker Nation, but worldwide. We're going to do something crazy there in the next couple years and maybe even this year.

A: I like it man, I like it. And I will say this. Congratulations on enjoying the recruiting process, congratulations on signing today, big day, and like I sent you in that message; It's a brotherhood here at Nebraska, so even though I'm kind of an old guy, kind of a geezer now in some guys' eyes some how, you got my number, any time you need me feel free to hit me up as well.

T: Indeed.

A: Alright, man, that is Tyjon Lindsey, and this is a wrap up for National Signing Day ... actually, that is incorrect because I have yet to give my thoughts on the 2017 Husker Recruiting Class as a whole. I will be doing that on Fast Friday so check that out in two days. So, for myself, for Tyjon Lindsey, hey Tyjon, do you know how to Throw the Bones?

T: Yes sir.

A: All right, so, you're an offensive guy. You play for the other side of the ball, but that's okay. You have my permission, the first touchdown you score, to Throw the Bones just one time, all right? Does that sound good?

T: Yes sir, I already do it. I was doing it all day at the signing day (Oh, I love it) I had nothing else to throw up, so I was Throwing up the Bones. I always throw that up.

A: I love it, he's one of us already, guys, he's one of us. So until Friday, for myself and Tyjon, Go Big Red, and always remember ... To THROW THE BONES!!!