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Jan. 9, 2017

National championship game

Welcome, Husker Nation, to this Gut Reaction edition of the Carriker Chronicles, and I'M ON FIRE, BABY! So, I made a dumb mistake. With these gut reaction videos, I don't have any stats, I just sit down and talk. I made the dumb mistake, since I had time to sit down and I'm not as into this game as I normally would be during a Husker game, and I took some notes. That was when I thought Alabama was going to win. I was going to talk about Saban vs. Osborne (Osborne all day). I was going to talk about '95 Nebraska vs. 2016 Alabama. As you know, they're not 15-0. So ... (rrrrrriiiippp) I guess, here's my gut reaction.

Here it is. Alabama, great defense. To me, what this shows is recruiting is important, but Alabama has had the top recruiting class almost 10 years in a row. And they just lost. Clemson has a lot of talent, don't get me wrong, but they've barely been in the top ten. This is about intangibles. They wanted revenge. They wanted to avenge the loss. This just shows... Deshaun Watson. He looked rattled. He looked scared after he got knocked in the face, which should've been a targeting call. If it was Nate Gerry, it would've been a targeting call, COME ON! Let us tackle, call targeting on 'Bama.

But Deshaun Watson. His draft stock was plummeting, now it's way up. The guy shows how important the quarterback is. That's why I'm excited to see what Tanner Lee is gonna do in the spring, Patrick O'Brien, anybody else who wants to try to win that starting job in the spring for the Huskers. It gets me excited. It gets me excited to watch the strength staff to work with the kids over the summer, over winter conditioning. The intangibles. Improving the players you get. The SEC is not what it once was. I'm not a big fan of Clemson, I'm just anti Alabama. (By the way, I was right; got the score a little wrong, but I was with Clemson all day, baby!)

I will say this. I am curious, and I'm going to do a little research, and offer my thoughts on Wednesday. Will there ever be a team who can challenge '95 Nebraska as the greatest team of all time? Initial reaction is no, but I'm going to do a little bit of research to see if there is any possibility. So, tune in on Wednesday for that very special edition of the Carriker Chronicles when I discuss the greatest team of all time. Congrats to Clemson. Just so you know, every day I do the Carriker Chronicles, I sit on this awesome Husker stool, so be jealous of that.

Until Wednesday, Go Big Red, and always remember to THROW THE BONES!!!!