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Carriker Chronicles transcript

Oct. 4, 2016 – Bye week, pre-Indiana – NFL Huskers Update

Welcome, Husker Nation, to your weekly update on Huskers in the NFL.

Normally I get very excited about this segment to talk about my Husker brothers. I wasn’t going to touch the individual, or at least what’s going on with the individual that I’m going to touch on today; but you fans asked for it. Well over two dozen times, so you know what? Here we go.

Randy Gregory failed another drug test. He is going to miss the first 14 games of this season. He’s gonna be out until December 19. And I see a lot of people burying this kid. Let’s remember this kid had a ton of accolades in college. He’s a Top 10 talent. From what I can see he has rare ability, just my eyes watching him.

Now, when he’s been on the field, his first three pre-season games and into his rookie year he had three sacks. He has the ability and the talent. The issue has just been staying on the field.

Now I would like to talk to you for a moment about a guy that I knew named Claude Wroten. Who was Claude Wroten, you ask. Well, that’s kind of my point. Claude Wroten is the most talented defensive tackle I have ever seen in my entire life. And you’ve gotta remember I sat next to Albert Haynesworth every day in meetings for a year with the Redskins. Not the most enjoyable year. Certainly not boring. I can tell you a lot of stories.

But, back to Claude Wroten, this guy was so talented one day just for kicks and grins the coaches put him on the kick off team just to see what he could do; and he was the first guy to the ball. Keep in mind, this is a 290 pound defensive tackle out racing defensive backs and wide receivers. He was the first one down the field. But the unfortunate part is -- that’s how talented he was -- the unfortunate part is he had several off-the-field issues, including failed drug tests and what not and was out of the league in a couple years.

Now I’m not saying this is Randy Gregory, it’s just what I thought of when I heard of this failed drug test. I hope it’s not Randy. My advice to Randy would be this, and I left him a message and he actually reached out to me before he was entering the draft that year through my financial advisers, so there’s a good chance he’s going to watch this video.

So my advice to you, Randy, is simply this: leading up to December 19, hey man, just get your life right as a human being. And then when December 19 rolls around come in strong, come in fast, come in in shape, come in ready to go, rarin’ to go, man. You never know when it could be your last chance and this could be it. You’re going to get another chance because you’re so talented; but you gotta approach this like this is your last chance, because you never know. The fact of the matter is people talk about Tom Brady comin’ in all angry after his 4 game suspension, coming back from Italy. You’re even younger; and man you should be rarin’ to go even more. Rarin’ to prove the doubters wrong, and people like me who watch you and root for you, people like me right.

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That is your weekly update on Huskers in the NFL, which you get every Tuesday. Be sure to tune in tomorrow on Wildcard Wednesday, when I could talk about anything. Not even gonna tell you what today.

So until then, Go Big Red and always remember to Throw the Bones!