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Colonel Mustard

Nov. 30, 1998

Really bad play-calling on Frank's part. We must have run iso's up the middle on first down at least 80 percent of the time. Last game we threw on first down with play-action and it worked against a good team. This week we decided not to.

Crouch had his worst game, but he was always throwing in passing situations. Our passing game is not made for that. Also we kept him under center instead of in the shotgun. Buckhalter is good to his mother i'm sure, but he is toooooo slow to play I-back for us. We should move him to FB in the spring. We haven't had a I-back in the last 15 years who would have been caught from behind like that. If you are a great high school tailback, you have to be looking at us. You could play immediately.

We can't run or stop the run. We are the opposite of our great teams. My defense has no playmakers. I think Vanden Bosch and Slechta can be. If Skippy had been smart and kept running, they would have beaten us. The defense rushed the passer well on a team with very poor pass protection -- and let a fair running team run on us. I don't know what Rucker was doing with that fumble, but he was flailing away like a beached whale.

This was a tough game to watch because they tried to give it to us early and we wouldn't take it. And later our play-calling and poor execution made every trip inside the 20 an adventure. This has been an extremely frustrating season, and all I want to do is play the worst possible team in the bowl and knock the hell out of them and have something to enjoy in the off-season.
-- The Colonel



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