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Anatomy of an Era: Mike “Biff” Roberts Part 2

4/4/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 6, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   Mike “Biff” Roberts Part 2 Walk-on, Rover, Omaha, Neb. (Central)   Continued… Q: Any of your teammates stick out to you from those days? MR: Oh, Christian Peter by far, is one. As far as leadership. His speeches prior to the game were tremendous. Just…

Spring practice #5 video

4/3/18 | HuskerMax
First look at Nebraska spring football practice: The media was allowed to watch for about half an hour as Scott Frost and Nebraska held a spring football practice on Tuesday April 3, 2018.  

Spring practice #5

4/3/18 | HuskerMax
Coverage • Husker247 | Quick Hits: News and Notes from Tuesday's Practice • Omaha World-Herald* | Fast pace evident as Huskers have their ‘best day as a team’ so far in first practice open to media • Lincoln Journal Star | Rapid Reaction: Huskers' best practice yet; observations from open practice periods • Nebraska Athletics | Huskers Beat Daily Standards…

Anatomy of an Era: Mike “Biff” Roberts Part 1

4/3/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 6, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1                                                                    Butch Coolidge: (beating up Marsellus Wallace) You feel that sting, big boy, huh? That’s pride #%@in’ with you! You gotta fight through that shit!” -Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction Do you remember those old Jiffy-brand peanut butter ads? To loosely paraphrase, “Choosy mothers choose Biff!” Jokes…

2018 Nebraska spring football: Expectations

4/2/18 | HuskerMax
This Athletic Department video recaps the first full week of Nebraska's 2018 spring football drills.   More • Omaha World-Herald* | Seven things we learned from Nebraska's new spring football mini-documentary series • HuskerMax | BBS discussion  

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #203

4/2/18 | Patrick Janssen
What does a Husker fan do when there are no games to be played? (No, I'm not including the pitching meltdown that happened in Columbus, Ohio this weekend.) We talk recruiting and who might be fired and when. And oh did we do that on this week's episode of the Big Red Cobcast. It was Junior Day weekend in Lincoln,…

Anatomy of an Era: Boyd Epley Part 4

4/1/18 | Paul Koch
Boyd Epley Part 4 The Godfather of Collegiate Strength & Conditioning/Husker Power Continued from previous… Q: Who first came up with the 1:16 (on the stadium’s scoreboard during summer conditioning)? BE: It was my deal, we discussed it in the staff meeting and Randy Gobel had to go figure out how to do it. And Randy had to do it…

Spring practice #4

3/31/18 | HuskerMax
Coverage • Lincoln Journal Star | Rapid Reaction: Dixon playing linebacker; Dawson has depth; Lee Jr. feels good • Husker247 | Quick Hits: News and Notes from Saturday's Practice • Omaha World-Herald* | Practice report: Erik Chinander pleased with Nebraska defense's effort through first week of spring • Nebraska Athletics | Energized Defense Making Progress for Huskers • Land of…

Anatomy of an Era: Boyd Epley Part 3

3/31/18 | Paul Koch
Boyd Epley Part 3 The Godfather of Collegiate Strength & Conditioning/Husker Power Continued from previous… Boyd Epley: (Reminiscing about Tom Osborne’s motivational powers) His greatest speech I ever heard was before a game versus Illinois. Nobody writes those things down. You’re in the locker room and he’s just talking, and years later I asked him about that speech, and he…

Anatomy of an Era: Boyd Epley Part 2

3/30/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 5, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1 Boyd Epley Part 2 The Godfather of Collegiate Strength & Conditioning/Husker Power Continued from previous… Boyd Epley: (Speaking about the pivotal 1991 Winter Conditioning program) It’s incredible the progress they made. Coach Osborne called me in when we lost the two players. He explained, he said,…

Travis Hill’s pivotal play vs. Colorado, 1992

3/29/18 | HuskerMax
Colorado trailed by 10 late in the first half but had momentum. A long Colorado touchdown drive had just cut Nebraska's lead to 17-7, and then the Buffaloes got the ball back by forcing a Nebraska punt. That's when momentum shifted again, thanks to Nebraska outside linebacker Travis Hill. With less than 2 minutes left in the half, he stripped…

Spring practice #3

3/29/18 | HuskerMax
Coverage • Husker247 | Quick Hits: News and Notes from Thursday's Practice • Lincoln Journal Star | Rapid reaction: Jaimes working at left tackle; offense sluggish in first full pads workout • Omaha World-Herald* | Practice report: Nebraska defense wins spring workout No. 3, but players emerging on offense • KLIN | Huskers strap on full pads for the first…

Anatomy of an Era: Boyd Epley Part 1

3/29/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 5, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   “Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored. It thirsts and burns for distinction; and if possible, it will have it…”     -Abraham Lincoln It’s a common misconception that Omaha’s airport was named after Boyd Epley, godfather of collegiate strength training. That honor…

Stryker: Unity, toughness, NFL-style versatility will transform Nebraska under Frost

3/27/18 | Tad Stryker
Nebraska football fans look back with fondness at the careers of Rex Burkhead and Ameer Abdullah, as well they should. Burkhead’s combination of toughness and versatility have been hard to recapture since he left at the end of the 2012 season. Abdullah’s ability to compensate for a subpar offensive line and make defenders dizzy with devastating jump cuts have been…

2018 spring practice #2

3/27/18 | HuskerMax
Coverage • KLIN | Huskers still “finding their way” in early stages of spring practice • Huskers Illustrated | Quick Hits: News and Notes from Tuesday's Practice • Huskers Illustrated | Frost keeping focus right now on QBs in front of him • Lincoln Journal Star | Frost not currently thinking about grad transfer QBs; Walker to DL; Bell's good…

Anatomy of an Era: Linda Ybarra

3/27/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 4, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1     "Courage; Generosity; Fairness; Honor; In these are the true awards of manly sport." -Inscription on the Northwest Corner of Memorial Stadium, Hartley Burr Alexander, former UNL professor of philosophy   Mama Husker Power: that’s Linda Ybarra. Though surrounded by alpha males in the confines…

Spring practice schedule

3/26/18 | HuskerMax
The Huskers had their first practice on Friday, March 16, and then went on spring break. The rest of Nebraska's spring practices will generally take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Here are the times and media availability for the next several sessions: Tue 3/27, 7:45-10 a.m. Coach Frost, 2-4 selected players available after practice Thu 3/29, 7:45-10 a.m.…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #202

3/26/18 | Patrick Janssen
I was hoping we wouldn't have to be having one of these types of conversations again this soon. But here we are. A couple weeks removed from Nebrasketball season (and just a few months from a football hiring process), the humming noise surrounding Tim Miles' job status seems to be getting louder. So we addressed that this week, on both…

Anatomy of an Era: Bryan Pruitt Part 3

3/26/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 3, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   Bryan Pruitt Part 3 Walk-on, Offensive Guard, Midlothian, Illinois (St. Laurence)   Continued…   Author: Bryan, anybody behind the scenes play a large role in your development? BP: From an academic standpoint, I’ll be the first one to say Dennis Leblanc in Academics. That guy…

Anatomy of an Era: Bryan Pruitt Part 2

3/25/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 3, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   Bryan Pruitt Part 2 Walk-on, Offensive Guard, Midlothian, Illinois (St. Laurence)   Continued…..   Author: Bryan, let’s continue talking about Coach Osborne... Bryan Pruitt: Sometimes you’d try to make a name for yourself in practice and you’d get into a fight with Jason or Christian…

Anatomy of an Era: Bryan Pruitt Part 1

3/24/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 3, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   Chicago Police Officer Jim Malone: You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife? You pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital? You send one of his to the morgue. That's the “Chicago Way”! And that's how you get…

Anatomy of an Era: Matt Turman Part 3

3/22/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 2, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   Matt Turman Part 3 Walk-on, Quarterback, Wahoo, Neb. (Neumann)   Continued…   Q: Where were you for the ‘94 Orange Bowl versus Florida State? In the stands or on the sideline? MT: I was standing on the sideline. My redshirt freshman year. My redshirt year we…

Anatomy of an Era: Matt Turman Part 2

3/21/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 2, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   Matt Turman Part 2 Walk-on, Quarterback, Wahoo, Neb. (Neumann) Continued…   Q: Matt, is there anything you look back on today that makes you chuckle about that era? Matt Turman: Well, there was, I don’t know if you were familiar with the big meeting room…

Anatomy of an Era: Matt Turman Part 1

3/20/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 2, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   “We were that close to going out forever. But there was one man who taught us to fight, to storm the wire of the camps, to smash those metal mother%*ers into junk. He turned it around. He brought us back from the brink.” - The…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #201

3/19/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are a few things happening in Big Red Cobcast-land this week. First, we're doing something a little different on this week's podcast. For those who have been donating to our Patreon (as well as those who start donating to our Patreon), there will be bonus episodes each month. What will those bonus episodes be like? They'll be like this…

Anatomy of an Era: David Seizys Part 2

3/18/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 1, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1   David Seizys Part 2 Walk-on, Wingback, Seward, Neb. (Ft. Calhoun) Continued from previous…   Author: David, is there anything you wish you could do over again? David Seizys: It would have to be that field goal (to end the ’94 Orange Bowl). Q: Let me…

Anatomy of an Era: David Seizys

3/17/18 | Paul Koch
Excerpted from Chapter 1, No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1 To kick these interviews off in proper fashion I sent former athletic trainer and NU player-liaison Doak Ostergard an e-mail requesting contact info for a number of people. He was kind enough to mass-mail it out to the players from that era to get me started,…

Nebraska’s first 2018 spring practice

3/16/18 | HuskerMax
  COVERAGE • KLIN | Frost impressed with early first day of spring practice • Lincoln Journal Star | Rapid Reaction: Frost's crew hits the field; the return of Friday Night Lights; spring break time • Omaha World-Herald* | Scott Frost era begins before sunrise, Huskers' eagerness impresses new coach • Huskers Illustrated | First practice with Frost: Quick hits…

Preface & Intro: Anatomy of an Era

3/16/18 | Paul Koch
Preface & Intro excerpted from No Place Like Nebraska: Anatomy of an Era, Vol. 1 by Paul Koch   Prelude to a Miss or A Providential and Fortuitous Confluence of Events   Place-kickers aren’t normally prone to run this fast. “Yeee-haaw! Shit-fire, you sonsabitches! Shit-fire!!” Adrenaline coursing, tongue cursing and legs furiously back-pedaling across the grass, Byron Bennett crosses the…

Paul Koch

3/16/18 | Paul Koch
Paul Koch, former Husker Power strength & conditioning coach (1987-1995), hails from Petersburg, NE and resides in Southern California. A lifelong fan, failed walk-on candidate & eventual staffer, his unique perspective of Nebraska Football comes from experiences of that greatest era. A 1991 graduate of the University of Nebraska with a BS in Education with an emphasis in Exercise Science,…

2018 pre-spring presser: Scott Frost transcript

3/14/18 | HuskerMax
Nebraska Football Pre-Spring Press Conference Wednesday, March 14, 2018 Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.) On how the team has adjusted to the new workout plan: “Players have adjusted well. We’ve gotten a lot of buy-in from the players, a lot of effort out of the player and I see a lot of excitement. They’ve adjusted to workouts really well and we’ve…

Pre-spring presser

3/14/18 | HuskerMax
Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost met with the media Wednesday to preview spring practice, which starts with a single session Friday and then resumes after a week of spring break. Injuries will keep defensive back Jojo Domann and linebacker Luke Gifford out of spring drills, while center Michael Decker's status is doubtful. Running back Tre Bryant, linebacker Sedrick King,…

Game on YouTube: 1984 Nebraska @ UCLA

3/14/18 | HuskerMax
No. 1-ranked Nebraska made the most of its first game in the Rose Bowl in 44 seasons, rolling to a 42-3 romp over eighth-ranked UCLA. The Huskers sacked Bruin QBs eight times and handed the two-time defending Pac-Ten and Rose Bowl champs their worst loss in 14 years.   HuskerMax game page

Hunt with the Huskers

3/13/18 | HuskerMax
TeamMates Mentoring cordially invites you to experience an exciting European Tower Hunt with the Huskers at Oak Creek Sporting Club near Brainard, NE, on Saturday, April 14th, 2018. Reserve your spot for Oak Creek's annual HUNT WITH THE HUSKERS, where you'll spend your time hunting with former Husker greats. Guns and ammo are available in the Pro Shop. Get ready…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #200

3/12/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are two things you should know about the Big Red Cobcast this week. 1.) It (and our Facebook Live that you can see down below) was recorded on Saturday. 2.) I was out of town. So if you're expecting livid rants about Nebrasketball getting royally jobbed, this will not be the place. You'll have to go to our Twitter…

Pernell: Frost the complete package for Nebraska

3/9/18 | Jeremy Pernell
During the last 20 years, Nebraska has explored just about every avenue when hiring a football coach. Legendary coach Tom Osborne won his third National Championship in a four-year span, following the Huskers' 42-17 dismantling of Peyton Manning-led Tennessee in the 1998 Orange Bowl. Osborne rode off into the sunset and Nebraska football for all intents and purposes has never…

Scott Frost on Sports Nightly

3/7/18 | HuskerMax
  Coverage • KLIN: Frost talks spring football and plenty more on ‘Sports Nightly’ • Lincoln Journal Star: Frost talks quarterback competition and more in radio interview • HuskerOnline: Nuggets from Scott Frost appearance on Sports Nightly • Huskers Illustrated: Frost thinks Gebbia and O'Brien can be effective runners, too • Huskers Illustrated: As players make gains, Frost's staff plays…

Big Red Cobcast

3/5/18 | HuskerMax
The Big Red Cobcast is loud, irreverent, funny and, most importantly, the voice of Husker fans. Joe, Pat & Ryan talk all things Huskers (plus a few things unrelated). The guys are frequently joined by Husker royalty, Husker villains, fellow Nebraska natives, fellow comedians and anyone else who might be interesting to fans of the Big Red. It's a different…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #199

3/5/18 | Patrick Janssen
It was a weekend of mourning for Nebrasketball. But there's no time for crying. So instead, we argued about a bunch of things related to Husker Hoops. Among the questions we asked: How much is the Big Ten to blame for Nebraska's unlikelihood to make the NCAA Tournament? Does an NIT berth have any bearing on Tim Miles' job status?…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #198

2/26/18 | Patrick Janssen
Guys, things got testy at Big Red Cobcast headquarters this week. Both on our Facebook Live (which you can watch just a few paragraphs down from here) and on the podcast (which you can hear tomorrow on HuskerMax or right now by checking us out on iTunes). We're all shells of ourselves right now. Tweedy hurt his back. I'm sick.…

Game on YouTube: 2012 Ark. State @ Nebraska

2/26/18 | HuskerMax
Ameer Abdullah rushed for 167 yards and Taylor Martinez was a nearly perfect 13-of-14 passing Nebraska registered a 42-13 victory in a game that coach Bo Pelini left after halftime after feeling ill. | Game page  

Game on YouTube: 1980 Sun Bowl

2/21/18 | HuskerMax
Using razzle-dazzle on offense, Nebraska scored in the first three minutes, led 17-0 at halftime and cruised to a 31-17 win over Mississippi State in El Paso, TX. The Huskers enjoyed a plus-4 turnover margin while holding the Bulldogs to 195 yards of total offense. | HuskerMax game page    

Big Red Cobcast: Recruiting and Racists

2/13/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Last week was anything but quiet for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. First off, Scott Frost finalized his first recruiting class for Nebraska and, boy howdy, was it a doozy. Top 25 finish, 4th in the Big Ten, barely being edged out by Michigan AND the best in the west. The best by a long shot, actually. I hope our friends Minnesota,…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #196

2/12/18 | Patrick Janssen
Nebrasketball, racism (or rather criticism against it), fawning over Scott Frost's first Husker recruiting class, jokes in poor taste, more stalker-y phone calls directed toward me. It's all on the table this week. We're the Big Red Cobcast. You can't keep us caged up in a tiny little box. We're basically like the Scott Frost of podcasts. Everyone thought he…

Pernell: 2018 Recruiting Class Summary

2/9/18 | Jeremy Pernell
Top 40 Recruiting Classes 1. Georgia 2. Ohio State 3. USC 4. Texas 5. Penn State 6. Clemson 7. Miami 8. Oklahoma 9. Alabama 10. Florida State 11. Washington 12. Notre Dame 13. Auburn 14. LSU 15. Oregon 16. Florida 17. Texas A&M 18. Tennessee 19. South Carolina 20. UCLA 21. Nebraska 22. Michigan 23. Virginia Tech 24. North Carolina…

Scott Frost 2018 signing day press conference transcript

2/7/18 | HuskerMax
On the February signees: “There wasn’t as much drama this year as in most years in the past because of the early signing day. There weren’t as many kids out there, there weren’t as many spots in schools. So it was a little less drama than a normal signing day. But there were still some kids that we were waiting…

2018 signing day 2.0

2/7/18 | HuskerMax
• Go to HuskerMax's Class of 2018 page for details on each player, including video highlights and additional coverage of their recruitment and signing.   Coverage • Omaha World-Herald:* Frost 'not here to win February,' confident first Nebraska recruiting class will have on-field success • Lincoln Journal Star: Frost: "I'm not here to win February" • Nebraska Athletics: Signees and…

Scott Frost on BTN: Signing Day, February 2018

2/7/18 | HuskerMax
  • LJS: Frost on BTN: Huskers' haul of safeties in 2018 class as good as any team in the country • Land of 120: Frost raves about highly ranked class • HuskerOnline: Frost excited about the potential to recruit at Nebraska going forward • OWH: Frost 'excited about the potential' of getting recruits to come to Nebraska • Class…

Big Red Cobcast: Expectations

2/6/18 | Ryan Tweedy
As Husker fans we have insane expectations. Some might even argue that they are unrealistic expectations. As a self-aware homer my tendency is to disagree, but I think it's important to keep this year's recruiting class in perspective. My heart says, "We get everyone left on our board, rank inside the top 20 and win 2 national championships next year".…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #195

2/5/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are some people who like the Big Red Cobcast. More than that, though, there are people who LOVE the Big Red Cobcast. But believe it or not, there are also people who don't dig us. Why? They probably fell off their bikes and landed on their heads when they were kids. And because everyone wants to go to a…

Huskers in Super Bowl LII

2/4/18 | HuskerMax
Rex Burkhead's Super Bowl LII stats: • 3 rushes for 18 yards • 1 reception for 46 yards   Burkhead had by far the most active Super Bowl showing by a Husker running back or receiver since 1990, when Roger Craig and Tom Rathman were backfield stalwarts with the 49ers. In fact, the only official rushing attempt by a former…

Recruiting rundown

2/2/18 | HuskerMax
  The Nebraska football coaching staff visit several Nebraska cities following Signing Day to discuss the 2018 recruiting class, with events set Wednesday, Feb. 7 and Thursday, Feb. 8. The Husker coaches will spend time discussing the newest members of the Husker football program, and fans will have an opportunity to see video highlights of each of the signees. The…

Big Red Cobcast: #MakeTweedyPuke

1/30/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Hey guys, Tweedy here.  You probably don't know who I am. I'm one of the co hosts of The Big Red Cobcast. I love our podcast. I love making it, I love being a part of it,  and I love getting to interview many of childhood heros like Charlie McBride, Milt Tenopir, Grant Wistrom, Christian Peter and and Chad Kelsay…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #194

1/29/18 | Patrick Janssen
Well, this was a cheery week. All sorts of fun topics like Michigan State and how we as Husker fans should view that whole nasty situation. Also, we talk Husker football winter conditioning. Is Zach Duval going to murder a Husker with his workload, and can he possibly do the same to Tweedy? PLEEEEAASE? Seriously, we're trying to get everyone…

Big Red Cobcast: Coffee Is For Closers.

1/23/18 | Ryan Tweedy
 Hope Springs Eternal! When it came to recruiting, Bo Pelini got to drink hose water from Flint, Michigan. Mike Riley's staff got hot chocolate or maybe an energy drink. Scott Frost and crew however are gonna get The Freshest coffee, hottest coffee. The expensive kind where they have to dig through the poop of those Peruvian monkeys just to…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #193

1/22/18 | Patrick Janssen
Guys, things are getting chippy in Cobcast land. We're tired of no football. We're tired of each other's coffee breath. It's time for April to get here. But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to talk about this week. And talk about it we do! On this list of this week's topics are CTE (and the possible salvation of football),…

Stryker: Will Frost’s NU offense follow his ‘no-superstar’ UCF script?

1/21/18 | Tad Stryker
There’s an old saying in sports that goes something like this: “It’s players, not plays, who win championships.” Scott Frost’s success at UCF — at least on the offensive side of the ball — challenges that wisdom. It’s certainly not the way it played out in Orlando last fall. UCF put together a 13-0 season while leading the nation in…

Husker Dan: Frost’s “Peachy” Husker start

1/15/18 | Husker Dan
It would be hard to imagine a better start to Scott Frost's first year as the Husker head football coach. Before he left for Nebraska, Frost took a program at Central Florida that was in shambles and turned them in to winners in just two seasons. Let's look at what Frost accomplished in his two years as the Knights' head…

Game on YouTube: 2013 Nebraska @ Michigan

1/11/18 | HuskerMax
Nebraska holds Michigan to negative rushing yards and hands the Wolverines their first home loss in coach Brady Hoke's tenure at Ann Arbor. Creative ball-handling near the goal line helped give the Huskers both of their touchdowns in the 17-13 win.   More • Game page

Game on YouTube: 2013 Northwestern @ Nebraska

1/10/18 | HuskerMax
Nebraska beats Northwestern on a Hail Mary pass from Ron Kellogg III to Jordan Westerkamp on the final play of the teams' Big Ten Conference game in Lincoln, Neb., on Nov. 2, 2013.   More The Hail Mary | Abdullah on 4th down | Game page