Big Red Cobcast: Mother Nature Sucks.

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You know what I don’t have? Patience.

And thanks to mother nature, here I am waiting another week to see future of Husker football beat something to oblivion. By 8 pm Saturday night (PST) I would have watched Scott Frost beat a raccoon with a wrench. Wether it bit him first or not. I just wanted anything that resembled Husker Power at that point. I’d have watched GIFs of Adrian Martinez spanking my nephew. I’s still be perusing my DVR looking for that video of Tanner Farmer playing Hammershlagen with some 45 year old frat boys if I could. But I can’t. because it didn’t happen.

Nothing happened. Well, the tunnel walk was cool, and there were recruits that got to see exactly how loyal and excited our fanbase was. That stuff was great.

You know what’s not great? Rain isn’t great. Mother Nature in general can go take a long walk off of a short plank. She can take her water and rocks and trees and air with her. We don’t need them. We’re gonna build a wall to keep all the elements out and mother nature is gonna pay for it.

Mother Nature is stupid. If mother nature was a president she’d be Stupidham Lincoln. If she was a classical composer we’d call her Stupidzart.

Sorry for yelling.

Next Week’s Game

Uh oh, I think I might yell again.

Colorado fans are coming to town. Did you know that they threw water bottles full of…er… yellow water… at Charlie McBride back in the day. I’m pretty sure that’s true. Some Buff fans keyed my uncle’s car once too. I have predictions for the game. First and foremost, Bootle gets a pick 6, Adrian Martinez throws for 200 and runs for 100 and everybody in the front 7 gets at least one sack.

Huskers – 69

Buttaloes – 3

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