Stanford Defeats Nebraska, 21-13, in Thrill-packed Duel Before 90,000 in Rose Bowl By ROBERT MYERS ROSE BOWL, PASADENA, CALIF., Jan. I, UP) Stanford University’s magicians of the gridiron swept to victory for tne tentn consecutive time today as the miracle boys from Palo Alto reached the peak of a spectacular comeback campaign with a stunning victory over Nebraska in another stir ring chapter in Rose Bowl football his tory. . The down, but ever stout-hearted Cornhuskers, striving for victory in their nrst appearance in the big bowl made a gallant stand, but they failed to solve the wizardry or stave oil the ligntning thrusts of this Stanford T Model machine, and trudged wearily off the emerald green floor of the sta dium, the roar of 90,000 persons echoing over the Arroyo Seco, with the score board reading: Stanford 21, Nebraska 13. It was a glorious triumph for the Stanfords, a team that couldnt win for losing in 1939 and then came back to astonish the football world in 1940 with an uninterrupted streak of vie tories and a parade into this bowl game today. It was also a triumph for the Stan fords’ popular coach, Clark Shaugh nessy, a fugitive from football-frown ing Chicago University, who took over the down trodden Indians last fall and piloted them to this promised land. Twice Nebraska s valiant CornnusK- ers forKed ahead, and each time the Stanfords. with Frankie Albert, Hugh Gallarneau, Pete Kmetovic and Big Chief Norm Standlee battering and befuddling the Huskers, came from behind and then roared on to a de cisive triumph. Nebraska sent a shudder down tne Stanford backs in the first two min utes of the game. Taking the kick-off, they blasted like dynamite down field to a quick touchdown. Halfback Butch Luther ran the kick off back 27 yards to the Stanford 48, Harry Hopp lost two. but the Husker Hurricanes went to work. Vike Francis, 200 pound fullback, barked 14 yards on one piny. 13 on the next, and Luther smashed the Stanford right side for 14. Quarterback Roy Petsch made two, and from the Stanford seven Luther hit for five. Big Francis went through his right guard for the touchdown, and then added the extra point. The Stanfords played around, and then drove across into Husker territory. Standlee was hit hard on the Nebraska 28 however and fumbled the ball away to Center Bob Burrus. Ne braska kicked, and the TIModel machine began to click from midfleld. Little Pete Kmetovic skipped 29 yards off his right end on a play that few saw, including the Nebraskans. Gallareneau lost two but Kmetovic knifed through for 10 yards to the ten. Gallarneau on the next play shot through the Husker left tackle for 10 yards and a touchdown scoring stand ing up. Field Marshall Albert kicked the first of his. three conversions for the afternoon. Midway in the second quarter Ne braska punted and Kmetovic, trying to catch it over his shoulder in the sun, fumbled and Allen Zikmund. reserve, pounced on it on the Stanford 33. Petsch called for a pass and Herman Rohrig let It fly a long one that found Zikmund on the ten and literally sent him flying over the goal line. Rohrig tried for the place kick, Tay lor blocked it, Rohrig tried to run it across and Tavlor hauled him down. The point was missed, but Nebraska held a 13-7 lead. It wasn’t held long. Stanford took the out of bounds kickoff from its 35, pounded on up to the midfleld STATISTICS Stanford Nebraska Yardage rained scrimmafre 389 118 lardate lost from scrim- , mare 35 Forward passes attempted It Forward passes completed 7 Total yardare rained, passes and scrimmage …… 847 First downs from acrlm- m(e 11 Total first downs It Number of punts 6 Averaro length of punts . 35 63 14 128 7 9 8 87 Average length of punt returns . . .’ 15.6 6.5 stripe, went on the Husker 40 and then Ail-American Albert fired a hard high pass to Gallarneau. He made the prettiest catch of the day, stretching far into the air over the clutching hands of the Husker secondary, brought the ball down and raced on over the goal 10 yards away. That tied the score, but cool headed Albert broke it with a perfect place kick conversion. Nebraska sent in reserve after reserve, but this Stanford line wouldn’t give and the Stanford pass defense was air tight. Early In the third period the Stanfords traveled from their own 24 on into the Husker side of the field. Albert’s flat pass to the fleet Kmetovic went for 36 yards; another was good for 14. Down the Indians went, and finally the ball rested but eight Inches away from a touchdown. The stout Husker line held, however, for four downs inside the two yard line, and then took the ball. Hopp booted the ball out of danger, Kmetovic caught it on the Husker 40 and brought the shouting crowd to its feet w-ith the most sensational touchdown run of the game. He ran first to the left, wheeled and headed to the right, and the downfield blocking that followed was a sight to behold. Huskers were strewn like cornstalks over the turf. Francis was somersaulted by one back and was in jured, and meanwhile, Kmetovic was squatting on the ball across the goal stripe. Methodical Mr. Albert again kicked the extra point. It ended the scoring. Nebraska never threatened, but managed to hold off another scoring threat by the Stanfords, who made but few substitutions throughout the game. Thus passed into Rose Bowl history another post season game. Stanford now had won three, lost three and tied one in its bowl appearances. Starting lineups: Von. Nebraska, Stanford L.E Preston Graft L.T Kahler , Stamm L.G.. .”. .Schwartzkopf Taylor C Burrus LtndsKoe R.G Alf.son Palmer R.T Herndon Banducci R E Prochaska Meyer Q.B Petsch Albert L.H Hopp Kmetovic R.H Luther Gallarneau F.B Francis Standlee Score by quarters: Nebraska 7 6 0 013 Stanford 7 7 7 021 Nebraska: Touchdowns. Francis, Zik-mud (sub for LuUier). Points Irom try alter touchdowns, Francis. Stanford: Touchdowns. Gallarneau 2, Kmetovic. Points from try after touchdowns. Albert 3 (place kicks). Subtitutions Nebraska: Ends, Ludwick, Bunker; tackles. Behm, Schleich. Muskin; uards, Abel, wniteneaa; centers, meter; acks. Rubottom, Knight, Rohrig, Zikmund, B. Kahler. Thompson. , Stanford: Ends, Tomerlln, Ditlevsen, Norberg. Melners: tackles. Purkitt, War-n poo. nnrf orri : euarris. Francis. Robesky. Kerman: centers. Stahle. Thompson, Ver-dieck; backs, Armstrong. Parker, Cole, Casey. Crane, South. Peterson. Reteree, Louis G. Conlan (St. Mary’s ; umpire, John Waldorf (Missouri; head linesman. M. C. (Bob) Evans (Millikin): field judge, Dwight Ream (Washburn college), –