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Texas Tech Game: October 8, 2005

By Jim Meier


NQF=No Quit Factor.
This Husker team showed stomach, gumption, resiliency in this Red Raider game. This was not the case last year in Lubbock. Down 21-zip they claw back. Third quarter, first possession, turnover. Second possession, turnover. The defense yields but 2 field goals, It barely bends and surely does not break. Only 133 yards in the 2nd and 3rd quarters combined. They hang tough after a whopping 188 yards in the first. The offense claws back again. Goes 5 for 5 in the red zone.

Minus three in turnovers and minus three on the scoreboard. Certainly a heartbreaking loss but also and most certainly a game played with heart. I know. I was in the south stadium. I felt the fever, the fervor, the passion AND THE PRIDE. If you were in the stadium and didn’t feel that…well…I suggest a visit to your cardiologist. SOON! Get an EKG! You could be equipped with a transplanted heart from some second hand robot or MacIntosh. There was quantum emotion in Memorial stadium. After the game too.


“I am so proud of this team! The way they hung together! Wow!”

Mike, a fan

“Talk about your monies worth! These games are exciting. I am horse! I was screamin’ my head off and told the people in front of me to start yellin’ too…and they did!”

Kyron, a fan

Watching Bo Ruud walk from sideline to tunnel I said to myself “Boy Oh, Boy! His quiet steps seem SO loud.”

Mental Muscle:

NQF also equates to Nebraska Quality Football.
This no-quit-factor is a catalyst for creating a new vintage of Nebraska-quality-football. I loved the comeback! OK, we lost the game. A tough, tough loss. It is what it is. The key now? Become mentally stronger to leave a loss behind and ensure we win the season!!!

A big test looms for this team and program in transition. Sustaining the NQF vs. the resurgent Baylor Bears. First road game. This team, our team, must now dig deep within itself and pull up its individual and collective mettle. That courage, that fortitude, that spirit is there. Determination is the major twelfth man next week in Waco. Give determination a major special team role. Assignment him one on one coverage in each Husker’s helmet and head. It will be the difference maker in Waco between a wake and an awakening for Big Red.


Champions are at their best when they are down and challenged. There are many pluses to draw upon from the Red Raider game. As I’ve said before recall the good and discard the bad. Looking ahead, my tip for fan, players and coaches a like is to affirm this statement” “It is just like us to bounce back quickly, confidently, strong and steadfast”

Go Big Red!