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It sure is nice to begin a season with some non-conference games that don't involve high drama.

Great to see another touchdown pass to Herian, plus the ones to Purify, Hardy, and Dane Todd. With over 1,082 yards of total offense in just two games, we have built needed momentum. A year ago at this time, it was hard envisioning us scoring 56 points on anyone.

On defense, the weak passing attack of Nicholls State didn't do us any favors. Then again, perhaps it gave our secondary some confidence, and no more injuries to starting players. Octavien seems to be finding his groove, which we're going to need.

All in all, 56-7 was exactly as it should be. Enough about Nicholls State.

This Week

USC is beatable. I hear the pundits talk about how great their defense is and it leaves me scratching my head. The Trojans' D last year was nothing but a glorified sieve in many games, bailed out by an offense that had two Heisman winners and great players all around.

The two Heisman winners are gone. The guy playing quarterback, trotting out against the likes of Adam Carriker, had back surgery in the spring. Yeesh.

If Taylor doesn't throw multiple picks, and the backs pound away like they have been (and don't fumble), our offense can move the ball on these guys. This year's Husker receiving corps could turn out to be exceptional, especially with Herian. I just don't see the offense getting stuffed, unless we self-destruct or are clearly overmatched in the line. Taylor will likely see more heat in this game than at any point since Oklahoma last year. He needs to make solid decisions and get rid of the ball.

I have no idea how we are going to stop USC's receivers. If the D-backs can get one pick, or the D-line gets some sacks and/or good pressure, we might have a chance to survive the passing onslaught. We can still win even without stopping their receivers entirely. We have to stop the run reasonably well because we aren't going to shut down both Jarrett and Smith. I'm just hoping we don't give up 300-400 passing yards.

This is either a "dynasty continues" game for USC or a "dynasty's over" reality check. I really hope the mean version of NU shows up in this game like the Huskers did the last time we went on the road. None of the same schmucks who are picking us to lose big to USC expected us to thump Colorado in Boulder last year (or beat Michigan).

Here's what we need on defense: a big game from Carriker, some nastiness from the linebackers, and a "survival" effort out of the secondary. On offense we need to run the ball, not throw multiple picks, and not take the sacks. Easier said than done, but it can be done.

I hope the Husker contingent in the L.A. Coliseum brings the collective roar of red. The nation will be watching.

The voice of Scarlet Commentary is Jeffrey A. Leever, a Nebraska native also stuck behind enemy lines in Jefferson County, Colo. He is a 1994 graduate of the University of Nebraska (Kearney) and a freelance writer and author. Some of Jeff’s writings of the nonfootball kind can be found online at Barnes & Noble (12), Amazon.com (12), and MenofIntegrity.net (12345). Contact Jeff at [email protected].