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“50 Years of Husker Memories” by David Max

September 22, 2012 is the 50th anniversary of Bob Devaney’s first game as Head Coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. That date will also be the 50th anniversary of when I first recall becoming a Husker fan listening to the 53-0 victory over South Dakota on the radio in Page, Nebraska.

Since that date the next five decades have provided a great deal of enjoyment along with some disappointment to myself and individuals my age that identify themselves as Husker fans. Once you acknowledge that you are a Husker fan, that condition lasts a lifetime. No matter where you travel in these United States or in foreign countries, if you are wearing Husker attire, someone will eventually walk up to you and say that familiar phrase of Go Big Red! Friendships develop that last a lifetime. I go fishing every summer in Minnesota with a Husker buddy, Steve Gribble, whom I met when he started advertising his fishing resort on our website several years ago. This is just one of many friendships I have created around our common Husker bond. One of my favorite expressions is the six degrees of separation for Husker fans is only three or less. There are very few Husker fans that I meet that we don’t know someone in common.

I have been fortunate to have attended at least one Husker game in person each year since 1963 and have listened to or watched every game on TV, radio, Internet or in person since that South Dakota game. That’s 480 wins, 126 losses and 5 ties through the 2011 season. With the advent of the Internet I have hosted a Husker website since 1998. Joe Hudson, an Omaha Benson and UN-L graduate, has been my website partner since September of 1999 and our current web address is located at HuskerMax.com. Because of the website I have been able to meet and interview many Husker players, coaches, and fans. This book is a snapshot of what the past fifty years have given me in the development of friendships and unforgettable shared experiences as a Husker fan. I hope you enjoy my trip down Husker memory lane and if you see me walking down the street wearing Husker attire be sure to say GO BIG RED!

You can order a copy of the book at this link. $5 from every online order up to 1,200 books will be donated to Husker Salute.

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A photo gallery to accompany the book will be published soon.