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A Fan’s Perspective on 255-49-3 vs. 27-22-0

Commentary by new Husker fan Bret Bach - 4/24/08

I wanted to share a perspective on being a Husker Fan. I am a recent convert to being a Husker fan; I was raised in Colorado and grew up an Air Force and CU fan. I lost all respect for CU when they had their period of “lack of institutional control”.

My best friend is a born and bred Nebraskan - A die hard Husker fan for life. He was raised two hours west of Lincoln and the Huskers have been in his blood since day one. In hanging out with him over the years I have experienced my slow migration toward the “red” way of life. This migration occurred all with in the Callahan era. We would watch games, talk about the last games, and look forward to the next. All the normal things fans do.

Finally, Sept. 30 2006 my friend and I attended the NU - KU game in Memorial Stadium. We drove our 7+ hours from Denver to Mecca (aka Lincoln) and I was hooked instantly – and have been “red” crazy ever since. That trip I experienced many different things such as being a Sidetrack’s virgin and the pre-game excitement. Then once entering Memorial Stadium for the game – it was amazing. My senses were on overload. You know the rest of the feeling I can’t express in words.

That game was won by the Huskers 29 - 32 in OT – I was in a euphoric state – picture that… a Win, in Lincoln , Televised, and Big 12 Opponent Defeated!!! My perspective (27-22-0) what can be better? My friends perspective (255-49-3) he is devastated that the game had to go to OT, and that the score was not 49+ - 0 Huskers at halftime. Our perspectives were night and day, a point which I never totally understood.

He and I have also had the chance to go to Nebraska v Missouri Game in Columbia MO and the Nebraska v CU Game in Bolder Co all in the 2007 season. Once again our perspective on the game and the outcomes was different. His experience of those two games was 10 fold more devastating than mine. Once again I found my self not understanding why and searching answers.

Since the loss to Colorado in 2007 I have found my self reading everything I can find on the Coach Osborne era, watching historical games, reading books and articles trying to further understand our differences in perspectives. In addition to the historical I have spent every free moment taking in the data from the Pelini era. I have assumed that this is my milestone in time, to claim a base, for understanding the future and some day having a closer perspective as my friend does.

My friends and I attended the spring game in April, not knowing what to expect, I was hyper-sensitive to all things around me. I observed all I could. I observed the placement of the band, the student section and their intensity, and I also observed the huge number of younger NU fans. It would have been impossible to not notice them. It was awesome to see all the younger kids at the game. I also notice how the concessions were different than a “normal” home game. I tried to take it all in.

Having no expectations for the game I was curious of how it would all unfold. I remember commenting to my friend how does the University with all of its history and tradition balance the pre-game traditions of old, while breaking away from the pre-game tradition of 27-22-0? I think this is a question yet to be answered. The spring game gave very little if any insight to changes in pre-game time tradition. The argument can be made on both side of this; NU is bigger than just the Callahan era so why change anything? Likewise, should the 2008 Huskers and their fans be reminded of 27-22-0 at during every pre-game time? This is a question I am not qualified to answer. I am curious on others fans opinions on this and wonder if the answer will depend on if they are 255-49-3 v 27-22-0… I wonder?

We all have heard the term “the youth is our future” and I realized after seeing all the kids at the game that is the future growth of the Husker Nation. Do they all have the same perspective as I do? A perspective of 27-22-0? Then my thoughts when to the players and alumni of the same time frame, is their perspective 27-22-0 or do they see NU as still 255-49-3?

While I will never understand 255-49-3 - I do hope the Pelini era is my chance to become a better fan, with a greater appreciation for the game, and tradition and with my won W – L – Tie mark.

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